A sunny morning! It was cold last night, a low of around -7C, which is not cold for February, but seems cold at the end of March. Not to worry, the sun is shining this morning, and all that snow we got yesterday evening is melting, melting, melting.

A sunshiny day brings some harbingers of spring indoors. Every day for the last few weeks I’ve been chasing down Asian Beetles, and yesterday I caught a wasp buzzing around at the living room window. I’ve discovered that using the hand vacuum to catch the insects works very well. But not as far as Ginger is concerned, he hates the hand vacuum, and we exchange looks every time I use it, as he is running away to hide in the next room. Before we replaced the old windows the insect situation indoors was much more intense, now there are only a few bug to worry about.

The end of March approaches, and quite a month it has been. Attila had his surgery, is recovering well, and is back at work. His eyesight has greatly improved, and the wound on his eyeball is less red and angry every day.

In March Mom’s little something took the sting right out of the heating system grant fiasco. The grant is still in limbo, but since I called them at the beginning of the month, the case was escalated, and I heard back from them last week. They sent me a list of instructions, which I followed, and now I am told that it will take 40 days for the process to reach the next level. At the next level I will have to login again, and follow more instructions… and then, in theory, the cheque will be in the mail. It has been a long journey since June of 2021 to get to this point!

In March I finally managed to get the banking institution that has given me so much grief, out of my life. At least I hope it is out of my life, I don’t want to jinx the accomplishment with overconfidence. Attila still has to deal with them until 2026, but hopefully his accounts and records are all organized and ready for a quick exit at that time.

March weather has been a roller coaster of snow falling, then snow melting, and of a daytime rise above freezing, and a nighttime fall below freezing. It hasn’t been weather to inspire us to send time in the garden, or out of doors. The weather has inspired me to take on a project.

The project I chose was to sew a new apron. All of the sewing equipment was taken out of storage and setup, and the pattern was cut out. Sewing is not my favourite activity. I am very good at it, but I do not enjoy anything much about it, except the results.

So, in true human contrariness, I took on the project of finishing the moving in the household records in the filing cabinets. The sewing project has thus far been neglected. The household record project has occupied all of March, and is not nearly finished. Records dating back to 2001 were reviewed and much was purged. There will be a few camp fires in our future!

Of course, when going through old paperwork, I often paused to gaze at records that triggered memories of people, and places, and things from our past. For example, I was reminded of the trip we took to commemorate Attila’s Dad, on that unique weekend-off in the summer, when we lived at the Country House. I found the receipt for the refrigerator, bringing back a flood of memories related to commuting between the Country House and Mist Cottage, and the renovations at Mist Cottage. That sort of sorting is rewarding, and tiring. Attila joined in the fun last night, and we got a lot accomplished between us.

The household record project continues. I began going through a few folders before breakfast. There is much more to do!

All of the other routine tasks are being accomplished, flour is milled, bread is baked, dinners are cooked, muffins and desserts are baked, beds are made, laundry is washed and hung to dry… All of these things take time, and I do find pleasure in them!



Updated on Thu, Mar 30, 10:05 AM
-4 °C
Wind 10 SW km/h
Humidity 69 %
Visibility 10 km
Sunrise 6:53 AM
Wind gust 15 km/h
Pressure 102.7 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 7:32 PM


“We are bits of stellar matter that got cold by accident, bits of a star gone wrong.”
Sir Arthur Eddington
1882 – 1944

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Well never let it be said Life is boring in your house. Even old paper work can be entertaining

Years ago I used to listen to older members of groups I’ve belonged to talking about ‘tidying up before they go’ and always thought they just liked to have a neat house before they went out…..until a friend said they meant just what we are doing. Trying not to leave too much for family to deal with after they die!


I’ve found that cleaning out papers and clothing triggers all sorts of memories and feeling. Once the cleaning out is done I actually feel lighter 🙂


Contrary to Sir Arthur, I believe we are bits of stellar matter that are too small for warmth – for now. But someday all our bits may come together and eventually ignite to a lovely fireball of some type. It may just take a few billion years.

Maggie, you’re lucky that Ginger is a cat. Our Loki takes issue with using vacuums of all sizes, microwaves, and even opening trash bags. He came to us like that and two years later we’re still working on ways to tone him down.