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Someone just shared that when they read a novel they visualize the characters, sometimes as a film actor, or celebrity they have seen.
I had to think about this.
No, I definitely do not do this, at all.

The exterior ego presentation of humans is not what I pay attention to, it is not what I see when I communicate with a person, and I do not make assumptions based on appearances, other than for safety sake. Since the visual presentation of humans most often reflects a human’s context ,more than their inner workings, I only pay attention to it when the context becomes relevant to communication and understanding, then I look at appearances for clues. But usually I only pay attention to the interior life of humans, and novels usually reveal that, and provide a context, so there is no need for me to visualize.

Humans are fascinating, there are infinite ways to perceive the world around us!



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“A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices.”
William James
1842 – 1910

I think that this might also be called rationalizing, or making excuses. It isn’t a very creative approach to the facility of thinking.

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Hi Maggie. I just realized that I hadn’t received an email notification about your posts for weeks. I checked to find out if you had posted recently and saw that I had missed several of your latest posts. Could you please put me back on your email list. I hate to miss a single post!

Joan Lansberry

I tend to have a vague character visualization, based on the author’s description. When I read a Star Trek novel, of course many of the characters were in the shows, and so I visualize the characters more vividly then.


I often don’t really visualize characters in a story, unless they have a feature that stands out, like black hair with a streak of white in it. And then I focus on that and I guess on their age.

It’s really interesting to see how a director visualizes a character when they create a movie.


DH and I enjoyed watching Queen’s Gambit.