Just a Spoonful of Sugar…

As others on social media have noted, it is a big relief to have ONLY the pandemic to worry about!!

This past week has offered us great events far as I am concerned, and I am not alone. On January 20th President Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. The whole world turned a page that day. No longer was the threat of the former President looming over the everyone’s life, and sadly 200,000 deaths in that country due to Covid. A second wonderful event, on a much smaller scale, was that an extremist Christian right-wing politician in Ontario was voted out of his caucus. In my opinion he was undeserving of membership in any decent political party. I met him once and he made my skin crawl. He is still representing the area where he was voted in, but it is likely the voting population is on to him now.

These two events were such good news. On the day after the inauguration I realized how tense I have been, and how exhausting that tension had become. I spent many daylight hours resting, letting the relief seep in. These welcome public events don’t solve all the world’s problems, but they do give the species a fighting chance of survival. It is much easier to deal with the tragedy of the Pandemic when those who hobble the human compassionate response are unable to implement their agendas.

Every day since I’ve found myself more relaxed, every night since I’ve slept more soundly.

Today dawned cold and sunny! The sky is beautifully blue for the first time in weeks. Outside it is foot stomping cold, where frosty breath hangs in the air. Beams of sunlight stream through the windows, to the great delight of myself, and the plants that share my domestic environment.

Today Attila is painting in the basement, and rewiring one of the ceiling lights down there, raising the fixture while he is at it. I have a batch of vegetable broth steaming away on the stove, in the steam juicer. I will be milling flour today as well, we are completely out!

This past week I dealt with a backlog of mail, and reorganized our bill payment process. We made changes to the way we paid bills when the Pandemic hit last winter, and I am just now familiar enough with the changes, and relentless sanitisation, to implement reasonable ways to deal with them. It took all week to get it done, and it may need some tweaking over time, but I am satisfied with the results. This has made it much easier on Attila as well, because he deals with the initial sanitisation process when mail comes into the house. Bills and payments should run more smoothly now.

Life is suddenly seems so calm! Calm is good.

Stay safe dear friends! May the sunshine stream through your windows!



Date: 12:00 PM EST Saturday 23 January 2021
Condition: Mainly Sunny
Pressure: 102.4 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: -11.8°C
Dew point: -17.8°C
Humidity: 61%
Wind: NW 16 km/h
Wind Chill: -19
Visibility: 24 km


“Love is that splendid triggering of human vitality… the supreme activity which nature affords anyone for going out of himself toward someone else.”
Jose Ortega Gasset
1883 – 1955

So many affectionate images of Bernie Sanders sitting alone at the inauguration, bundled up against the cold, wearing hand made mittens, have reminded me how very much most humans crave leadership figures who exude human qualities, connect in real ways with the lives most of us are leading.

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Bex Crowell

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Joan Lansberry

You’re so right, calm is VERY good. I read the word ‘button’, and thought with great relief, a crazy man with despotic tendencies no longer has access to the nuclear codes. I cried so many tears on Wednesday, too. Biden inherited a mess, but he’s got a knowledgeable cabinet, and he will listen to them. Such a relief!

I love all the Bernie in mittens memes, too. He doesn’t care about designers and fashions, just being warm…. So down to earth and likeable for that.


Hello to Maggie, and our little group. I totally understand the issues/worries about our political climate right now. And, Trump is out…but, they ( the Dems) will not let sleeping dogs lie. So let’s make a whole bunch of lawyers richer with our tax money and do an impeachment trial!!! Oh why not….it is not any crazier than everything else that is going on. Mike and I continue our personal “news blackout”. We only listen to weather and COVID news. Both of our heart rates appreciate this. My doctor appt with a new/different cardiologist ( I now have 4). Was wonderful, and I am to continue the medications, watch for any weird/different symptoms, and he will see me again in June. Double yea!!!! And, I have gained 4 pounds!!!!! I am up to 111 pounds on my5’11” boney frame. It was up to 68 degrees today…tomorrow we are to be at a high of 46. So I will plan to get some crocheting done…sitting by the fire. Mike loves the new truck. He is such a cowboy! Jeremy’s family have a new member….a miniature Australian Shepherd. His name is BODIE BEAR. I will get puppy kisses this weekend …we will be doing a drive by visit. I can’t wait. Puppies are so much fun…and, so much work. I have always felt children need pets growing up. Jeremy is going to have to heat the pool. The vet told them that he must be taught immediately how to swim and get out of the pool. Another family had lost a new puppy last week from drowning. BODIE is not going outside alone until it is positive that he can handle the pool. No other fascinating news from here inTexas. Blessings to all. xxoo margarett