Having a Rough Day

Having a Rough Day

This entry is an intense opinion about an intense subject, skip if you are having a rough day, or life! Take good care of yourself out there!

Today I am beginning to write without censure, a stream of consciousness. I do not often do this. But the news of 215 secretly buried abused children has had a serious impact on my peace of mind. It isn’t as if ugly violence against Aboriginal people’s in Canada are a secret, there are incidences in the news, constantly. Native women go missing, it is well documented. Systemic prejudices exist in health care, education, and in many other infrastructural settings. The residential schools are one of the ways violence has been perpetrated against aboriginal people’s in Canada.

Where there is power, there is misuse.

That these abuses of power and trust exist here in Canada is not surprising, as humans of all races, and in all well documented cultural/social structures, have exhibited these abuses. Where non-representative power exists, abuses exist. Powerful humans can create the abuses, but they also “garden” them, allowing those within their reach to enact the measures of abuse at a variety of scales, from nuclear family to wide spread systemic abuses.

Human cultures frequently have opportunities to evolve, to reach a potential of equitable, peaceful existence. Canada has been offered this opportunity, to acknowledge abuses of power, and work to build accountability into social structures. Accountability not just for Aboriginal peoples, but all citizens in the country.

I find it extremely sad that there is one issue, the abuse of power, and thousands of splintered groups of victims fighting in their own corners to right specific, tangible wrongs. Divide and conquer, someone once coined that strategy, and I think they were on to something. It is being said about the pandemic that it isn’t over until it is over for everyone… I think that is applicable to abuses of power.

The sadness I feel about the secretly buried children is too deep for effective expression. There are no words. No one can make it up to them, no one can comfort them in their hour of need, no one can heal them, it is not possible. We can work to support their loved ones, the communities they belong to, and the country that needs to ensure that human life, ALL human life, is respected.

I slept little last night. I experienced a deep and profound grief, honouring the helpless loneliness, and terror, those children experienced.

Humans of earth, let us do better by each other.

Love, Maggie



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“My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what’s really going on to be scared.”
P. J. Plauger
1944 –


  1. Eileen, it is difficult to comprehed, isn’t it! The people who do these kinds of things walk among us, some of them have even held positions of respectability, had monuments risen to their great deeds, and won awards and accolades. Their invisible activities seldom come to light. I am glad the fate of these children has been discovered and is being recognized as horrific.

  2. Humans can be so evil at times. Here in the States, we are being reminded of what happened 100 years ago, in Tulsa. Racists bombed and destroyed a thriving black neighborhood. Just destroyed it and the livlihoods of those there, and even some lives. At least strong light is being shed on these evils.

  3. Joan, I agree, humans can be so evil at times! It isn’t the majority though, most people aren’t exposed to the details of what the evil people are up to, and so have little opportunity to be horrified. I was reading about the Tulsa event, how shameful these things are for our species. I cannot think of another animal on the planet that treats its members with such blatant disregard and cruelty.

  4. Sandy, it is sad that a few bad apples are destroying the species, and causing untold suffering. I share your wish for a better world!!! I think we must keep on acting with integrity and hope, because the story is not an at end and there is no way to predict its trajectory.

  5. Teri

    I think the saddest thing of all is that the Catholic Church has not yet acknowledged that these abuses were perpetrated by the people they charged with the care of these children.

    I’d also like to point out that this same evil was taking place among Native Americans in the United States at the same time.

    All the tribes are now asking for the same kind of equipment to search the grounds of all the former residential schools. I don’t think 215 will be the final death toll. 🙁

  6. Teri, the Catholic Church has a lot to answer for, in this horrific failure of care, and in many other failures of care in Canada and around the world. I did not know there were Residential Schools in the US as well, how very sad.
    I fear you are correct that this is not the only Residential School with such horrific failure of care, and I hope that every child is accounted for, and their remains and memories repatriated with their families.

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