Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone, may this wish find you safe, happy, and healthy!

The COVID-19 virus has reached Attila’s extended family. We had a lovely chat with his Mom today, she is well, and is staying at home thank goodness. Attila’s step-father’s niece was one of the people who died on the cruise ship the MS Zaandam, and her partner is now hospitalized. Attila knew her, but I had not met her, or her partner. It is sad news.

Here at home, we keep ourselves busy, and as far out of harm’s way as we are able. Last week I got out my sewing machine, which is 51 years old this year. I know how to sew. I am good at sewing. I taught sewing in the public school system. I dislike sewing. When I was younger I would force myself to remain positive and focused to accomplish whatever sewing project was at hand, be it clothing for me, or for my children, or mending. But as I have “matured” I have become a lot less willing to spend time doing things I dislike, and sewing is right up there with bookkeeping on my hate-to-do list. But needs must, and we need face masks, so the little sewing machine came out of the storage box.

I saved many scraps of fabric over the years, so luckily I have the scraps I need to make a few face masks. I do not however have elastic. No matter, I found two old headbands that were 12 inches long, they would have to do. It has been a while since I last sewed, a decade or so I guess, so I am a bit rusty. I cut the material for my mask incorrectly, which means I have to devise a way to work around that error. So I decided to start with Attila’s mask, because the material for that one was cut correctly. It took me all day to drag out all the equipment, set it all up, make the mask, and put everything away again.

Attila’s new face mask, 3 layers of high thread count cotton.

Much to my dismay, my trusty little sewing machine had a problem, for the very first time in 51 years of use. It now will only sew a zig-zag stitch, no more strait stitches. So the mask was made using the zig-zag stitch. The results were acceptable. The second mask, my mask, will have to wait until next week, when I will gather resolve to drag everything out again, and create a mask for myself.

When we lived at the country house, I had taken up clay and pottery as a hobby. I didn’t get very far with that, as our power supply was only 100 amp and the kiln stretched that to its limit. But I still have all the equipment. And guess what, I have one used NIOSH N95 non-medical grade mask, and a used welding face shield, both needed for sanding and working with slips. They are still good, so Attila can use them when he has to go to the grocery store to pick up our groceries, later this month. That is good news. He will look like an alien, but he won’t care one bit.

Yesterday I baked a loaf of sweet bread, with raisins and cranberries, also a dozen sour cream raisin muffins. These are our Easter treats. Today Attila is roasting a small chicken, with garden vegetables, carrots and our very own Brussels sprouts. Something to look forward to!

Meanwhile, in the garden, the radishes Attila planted are coming up, and small rhubarb leaves are beginning to unfurl. Everything is turning green, and even though the weather is gray and dreary and cold out there, the green is very cheerful, and hopeful.



Date: 5:00 PM EDT Sunday 12 April 2020
Condition: Cloudy
Pressure: 101.4 kPa
Tendency: Falling
Temperature: 10.3°C
Dew point: 0.5°C
Humidity: 50%
Wind: SSE 15 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“We can’t take any credit for our talents. It’s how we use them that counts.”
Madeleine L’Engle
1918 – 2007


  1. Sandy

    Happy Easter Maggie & family! The N95 will protect Attila well at the store. Will he wear the welding mask too? That would be total protection. I saw a guy with what looked like a gas mask the other day.
    There’s some thought now that, if you’re infected, you can share the virus simply by talking loudly or laughing. Again it’s the old droplet in the air scenario. That would explain how the virus has been transmitted so quickly. All those asymptomatic people laughing and talking loudly.
    So protecting your head and sanitizing when you get home is the way to go. I think this is somewhat rebirth-oriented since there IS hope if we take precautions.

    Stay safe, Maggie.

  2. Sandra

    Happy Easter Maggie. Good to hear you are taking all necessary precautions to keep safe and healthy. An abundance of caution is our strategy. We have much to be thankful for this Easter Sunday, a safe, warm home, good nourishing food and gardens to soon replenish our supplies.

  3. Sandy, Happy Easter to you and yours!

    Yep, Attila will wear the face mask, and the face shield, and glasses under the face shield. He will wear clothing that will go right into the washing machine when he gets home. We have seen those university studies from different parts of the world that track the droplets, just talking or laughing, and incredible projection from sneezing and coughing. The face shield should help keep the droplets away from his face, with the glasses and face mask as a second line of defense.
    I really think there is hope, if we keep taking care of ourselves, and ensure that we do not endanger others!
    Stay safe dear friend!

  4. Sandra, Happy Easter to you and yours!

    Yes, I like that phrase, abundance of caution, so very apt. So glad to hear you are faring well so far, safe and comfortable. May your garden be a source of joy and great nutrition!

    Stay safe dear friend!

  5. Teri

    Happy Easter, Maggie and Attila!

    I’ve also attempted sewing masks, though I’m not great at it. In the end, I ordered masks from Etsy. They’re only cotton masks but I do have heavy twill fabric with cotton backing, which will work as a good filter inside the masks.

    We had a wonderful Easter Day, today. The temp was up to 17C/63F with blue skies. We sat out on the deck for a number of hours, just enjoying the weather.

  6. Happy Easter Teri and DH!

    Your mask solution sounds good, there are some very useful thngs available on etsy. The filter is a good idea too.

    Your Easter Day sound wonderful, and sunshine! Your weather seems to get here days later, so that will be something to look forward too. Sitting on the deck sounds like such a perfect thing to do on an Easter Sunday!
    Stay safe dear friend!

  7. Happy Easter Cathy and the Golfer!

    Repurposing is a good reason for keeping things around! Who would have guessed that this situation would arise, or benefit from pottery equipment, 🙂

    Stay safe dear friend!

  8. Happy (belated) Easter to you both. Just another day in isolation for us. For me, it’s just another ordinary day as I isolate on a regular basis anyway. I’m keeping the televised entertainment (?) turned off these days – just checking in from time to time to make sure the earth is still spinning – and then shutting it OFF again. It’s too depressing to keep on anymore. I am personally thankful for my yarn stash.

  9. Happy Easter Bex and Paul! Yes, if it weren’t for food Easter Sunday would have been just another day of isolation here, but the sweet bread and the roast chicken did add a bit of festivity to the day.
    I am with you, and it is easy here because we do not have television. There are days when I almost forget what lurks out there, but all I have to do is check the tracking site, and a news site and the whole thing is all too real again. We allow ourselves an hour in the morning to read about it and share thoughts with each other, usually relating what we read into how we are going to cope going forward. Then the subject is off limits, and we carry on focusing on the things we can do something about.

    Your yarn stash and hats are amazing, you have developed it into an art form!

    Stay safe dear friend!

  10. Happy belated Easter! Julia and I had chicken, too. She cooked it with a jar of the Indian Goan Coconut simmer sauce. There’s some leftover today, which we’ll eat with hot rice. (Yesterday’s we had over left over smushed potatoes.) Nice to see your mask efforts. I made Julia and I some out of some thick flannel scraps, but when we went to the grocery store, found them a little hard to breathe through. So I have an old blouse, souvenir from a 2008 trip to the Grand Canyon, with trains all over it. I loved that shirt, but it torn in the shoulders, frayed at the edges. But the bottom is still bright and firm…. So that part will have new life.

  11. Happy Easter Joan and Julia!

    Your chicken sounds delicious!

    I wonder if the mask I made is too difficult to breath through, I guess we will find out soon, we have a grocery pick up expedition coming in the next week. Your sewing skills will be a great boon to you in making the masks, or any other equipment you might find you will need!

    Stay safe dear friend!

  12. Margarett

    Hello Maggie and Attila…and all of your friends on here. We had a very quiet Easter. For the past 13 years, we have always been with Jeremy, Natalie, and the grandsons. Yesterday,it was only FaceTime…better than nothing. We watched several different church services that were telecast here. Our weather has been crazy….last week, up to 90, then last night, we were in the 30’s, with windchill in the 20’s. Mother Nature is just not sure what she wants yet. I am almost disgusted with the media and all of the blaming…it makes it difficult to believe almost everything on the different news outlets. I am relying on medical sites, and hoping they are distributing correct information. Tonight, I heard they are thinking that the old polio vaccine may be of some use in combating COVID…now, that would be something. Still doing a lot of reading…a little housework….listening to my music. Hope to have the ground dry up some so that I can do a little work in my flower beds. We have had so much rain I. March, and now, so far in April…it has been way too wet to do anything. Main thing..we are staying uninflected. I was so sorry to hear about Attila’s niece…what was her age, and did she have other health issues? Take care, my friend. Xxoo Margarett

  13. Hello Margarett, glad to hear that you and yours are uninfected and staying in touch! Thank goodness for the internet, otherwise we would be left wonderfing how everyone was doing.
    Your weather does sound crazy! here it has been chilly, with snow, a little bit more snow to come. But really, since the planes stopped flying the sky is clear, the stars shine brightly when the clouds part to reveal them, and the air smells amazing, just as it did when I was a kid, before air travel dirtied the atmosphere. Mother nature loves what humans are doing.
    So wise to follow the medical sites, I gave up on news companies long ago, and I don’t indulge in ridicule of those I do not agree with… too much hate circulating as moral outrage.
    I hope your rain steadies so that you can work in your flower beds, gardening is so relaxing and nurturing.
    Attila’s step-father’s niece was in her 70s, with a few previous health issues, but in good general health when she contracted the virus.
    Stay safe dear friend!

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