Gravity is Real

As a species we are increasingly cutting ourselves off from our source, the earth, of which we are made, of which we eventually become again.

It may be temporary, in the grand scheme of the universe, but for now it is reliable, gravity is real. So much of life experience these days is virtual, and with AI, it is becoming even more so.

In many ways Attila and I are Luddites, sentimental and saddened Luddites.

Something to chat about over morning coffee.

After a series of incredible mild sunny days, the rain has arrived.

Attila managed to get both rain tanks positioned and connected to the rain gutters on the house. A little rain last week half filled the first tank that was set up, we are hoping that today’s steady rain will fill both tanks. It is still quite a few weeks before Attila begins his perusal of the seed packets, and a few weeks after that before he constructs his mini green houses, and plants his seed trays. The water will wait patiently until needed.

Another project Attila is turning his attention to is wiring in a new electrical outlet in the garage, and one a the far end of the kitchen. He has run the wiring, but necessity interrupted his work flow.

Another home renovation project has captured our complete attention. The bathroom tub and sink drains are almost completely clogged. The problem is at the elbow connections to the old galvanized steel drainage pipe (pre-plastic era). Drain unclogging solutions from the stores have not succeeded, nor has the plumbing snake that we purchased. Attila has been working on this since yesterday morning, and will continue until he has tried everything, that either one of us can think of, to unclog the drain.

What is needed is to replace the old steel pipes, but since this involves odours, we decided the project must wait until we can open the windows for an extended period of time. The replacement parts have been purchased, now we wait for finer weather.

If our current efforts to unclog the drain continue to fail, we will be taking sink baths in the kitchen until the weather cooperates. Owning an old home, with much of the original construction intact, has the occasional down side.

Despite the grey rainy day, we are feeling quite cozy and comfortable. We have food, shelter, heat, hot and cold running water, and a kitchen sink that drains. Life is good.

Our renovation strategy, as determined by our financial capabilities, is to tackle whatever is currently falling apart or failing to function. This keeps us very busy.



Updated on Sat, Mar 9 at 1:07 PM
Wind 34 S km/h
Humidity 88%
Visibility 17 km
Sunrise 6:30 AM
Wind gust 51 km/h
Pressure 100.6 kPa
Ceiling 500 m
Sunset 6:06 PM


“Experience is that marvellous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.”
Franklin P. Jones

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We’ve had acouple of days noa where we’ve had to open the windows, as the sun has made things so warm. I hope you’ve had the same luck and were able to fix your pipe.