Gone and Soon Forgotten

I got a call yesterday from the company that is installing our new electric heating system. They want to change the install date, which created an issue with the timing of the oil tank removal.

I sent off a message explaining the issue, and got a quick response saying they could remove the oil tank on Monday.

I got a call early this morning asking me if it was possible to remove the oil tank today. A firm yes on that!

Two fellows arrived this morning. They capped the line to furnace, cut through all pipes and removed them, removed the oil tank, and filled the holes left by the pipes with spray insulation. It was quick, and clean.

The oil tank is gone. Soon we will forget it was ever there.

What a relief!

Now we wait for the installations to begin.

I’ve seen the surgeon, and the hospital will call me with a date for my procedure. Hopefully they will be able to shed some light on all this nausea and pain. Hopefully none of the possible complications with the procedure will occur, and no errors will be made with my anaphylaxis. The surgeon is aware of both.

Now I wait to hear from the hospital.

This week I have been spending my mornings sitting out on the back porch. How lovely it is in the mornings, as it is shady and relatively cool. The birds are an endless source of entertainment, so many dramas, so much song. The garden is lush and growing fast now. The sunflowers are taller than I am, and the covered brassica tunnel is no longer visible on the other side of the fence.

This morning the first purple bloom on the clematis emerged. It is dark purple and so pretty beside the lovely pink roses on Granny’s Rose.

The kitchen was a busy place most of the day as well. A loaf of bread was baked. Dried beans were cooked in the Instant Pot. The beans will be an ingredient in one of our meals this weekend.

It is supposed to be very hot and humid this weekend, over 30C, with a humidex up to 38C. I am hoping to sit out on the porch in the early mornings to enjoy the sunshine, garden, and birds. The afternoons will find me sheltering in the house with my thermostat.

Granny’s Roses



Updated on Fri, Jun 24, 2:05 PM
27 °C
Wind 6 SE km/h
Humidity 54%
Visibility 34 km
Sunrise 5:24 AM
Wind gust 9 km/h
Pressure 101.4 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 8:55 PM


“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.”
Doris Lessing
1919- 2013

And oh what a feeling it is!

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You must be glad to have the oil tank gone without any issues. Clean warmth coming soon!

Best wishes on your procedure! I hope it will swiftly return you to a normal, pain-free existence.

Yes, the lake effect often makesva difference here. Especially when the wind is from the northwest. But the heat has won, today. We hit 28 this evening.

We’re moving slow steps toward having a real yard. Driveways are being put in the next block over from us and they’ve put in stakes marking where our soil level is to be.


I’m glad you’ve made progress on the healthcare front (and on the heating front) . Grannie’s roses are beautiful! <3

Maggie Turner

Thanks Joan! It has been a long 2022 due to the way I’ve been feeling. I hope your health issues have resolved themselves!
I am glad you like the roses, they smell as lovely as they look!


Granny’s roses are stunning! I’m glad they got the old tank out for you. I’m Really happy that you’re closer to getting the procedure done and hopefully will get the answers you need to feel better. ((Hugs))

Maggie Turner

Sandy, It feels great to have the oil tank out of picture! It was removed as part of the new furnace install, and it would have cost thousands of dollars to remove it just to replace it. A problem solved.
Granny’s Rose likes it here with us, the rose bush has grown taller than I am, and is covered with roses. I also love to hear the bees as they visit rose after rose, it makes sitting out on the porch so peaceful.
Thank you for your kind thoughts about the procedure, it would be a relief to find out what this is that I am experiencing, and it wold be an even bigger relief if it can be easily fixed! ((Hugs))

Eileen Barton

Hi Maggie…your grandmother’s roses are gorgeous! I am keeping you in my prayers that your health improves. Hugs!

Maggie Turner

Eileen, the roses seem gorgeous to me too… but I am so in love with everything about my Granny and Grandpa that I don’t see them with impartial eyes, lol.
Thank you for your kind prayers! Hugs!