Winter bared her teeth this weekend, but only briefly.

From this:
Sat, Feb 4, 6:15 AM
-39°C FEELS LIKE -48

To this:
Sun, Feb 5, 6:25 AM

We were extremely pleased that the new heating system handled the deep freeze without any problems. If it had not been for the clock, I would not have even noticed the extreme temperature just outside our door. The clock runs on a battery. It was sitting on a shelf on the living room wall, leaning up against art work on the shelf, not touching the wall. I thought that the fact that it was not touching the uninsulated wall would protect it. I was wrong. The cold damaged the battery, the clock is no longer keeping correct time. This happened last winter during a cold snap, but the clock was hanging directly on the exterior wall. I now know that anything touching the exterior walls of the house will be subject to very cold temperatures during a cold snap. Lesson learned.

Since our new system is 100% electric, I checked the hydro usage during the Friday/Saturday cold snap. Our usage doubled on those days, which is not surprising. Most of our heat during those days was supplied by the “toaster”, our electric furnace, rather than the heat pump, which does not operate below -28C. I am so very glad the furnace install was completed before this cold snap arrived! The next hydro bill will be a whopper!

The “toaster” dries out the air, so that I had to hang wet laundry on racks, which dried very quickly, then wet towels all over the house to try to keep the humidity from bottoming out. I managed to keep it above 20% relative humidity, and it will take a few days before it returns to the usual 35+%.

The weather report sees us maintaining milder temperatures for the next few weeks, thank goodness. Other than a few short cold snaps it has been a very mild winter.

Although it was a mild winter, January was an intense month.

“With 27 days of cloud cover reported… this January, it earned the city the title for the cloudiest January on record in the last decade!”

Just four days in January where the sun actually made some appearance in the sky.

So the dreary skies of January ended with a blast of arctic cold.

Spring is just around the corner!



Updated on Sun, Feb 5, 8:15 AM
-2 °C
Wind 14 S km/h
Humidity 82 %
Visibility 18 km
Sunrise 7:21 AM
Wind gust 21 km/h
Pressure 101.2 kPa
Ceiling 6900 m
Sunset 5:22 PM


“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”
Pablo Picasso
1881 – 1973

And yet, the diarist is not considered an artist.

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Joan Lansberry

If the diarist is eloquent, this writing can be a form of art. I’m glad the insane cold didn’t last long. May your hydro and heat not fail!


Your weather sounds much like ours, though your lows were lower. If your walls are that cold that they damage batteries, it’s sounding like a really good idea to put in that spray-in insulation. If energy prices were to go up more, you might not do very well.

I counted 3 days with the tiniest bits of sun in the last 3 weeks. I’ll be glad when that changes, though I have no interest in exchanging colder weather for those blue skies.

I saw a video from an instagram account I follow in Michigan. On Saturday, she had more than a dozen robins at once in her crabapple tree, plucking it bare. Either they’re right about the weather changing soon or they’re going to be running out of food.

Eileen Barton

We had the bitter temps and now are getting warmer temps. Has been a fairly mild winter so far so am just waiting to see if Mother Nature gets nasty in March or April and dumps a ton of snow on us. LOL I sure hope all the homeless people were able to find warm shelter. I also worry about the stray cats and dogs. Our little town frowns upon aiding strays in any way unless it is to take them to a shelter but the shelters around here are so overcrowded. Stay warm!