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Online Shopping for Food:
These are the carrots the online grocery order provided for us! The black is not dirt, it is rot. If I peel enough off I can slavage some edible carrot from these. This is why I am not ordering fresh vegetables through online shopping if I can avoid it.
Veestar Strawberry:
This is one of the two new strawberry plants we purchased, $4 each. This one didn’t get eaten by rabbits, and this is the one and only strawberry it bore this year. I took this photo this morning. When I looked out the window just before lunch, it was GONE! Grrr. I should have picked and eaten this morning, but I wanted it to sweeten in the sun. He who hesitates is lost they say. This is why I consider wildlife competitors for my food, really, they are.
Steam Juicer:
There were eight bags of vegetable scraps in the refrigerator’s freezer, so it was time to make broth. This is a steam juicer, another wow piece of equipment as far as I am concerned Put water in the bottom pan, and whatever you are steaming in the top pan, which in this case is frozen vegetable scraps, simmer for a few hours and there you have it, broth, or juice if it is fruit in the top pan.
I compost the vegetable scraps after steam juicing. But I save the fruit in the top pan when I make juice, and turn the fruit that is left into fruit leather, so good!
Hot Dog Buns:
Hot Dog Buns have been on the “lets try this!” list for quite a while now. Today wa the day. The recipe made a dozen 100% Whole Wheat Low-Sodium Hot Dog Buns (about 35 mg sodium per bun).
1000 liter Rain Tank:
Attila’s birthday present. He is easy to shop for!



Date: 10:00 AM EDT Friday 12 June 2020
Condition: Partly Cloudy
Pressure: 101.8 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 16.8°C
Dew point: 6.1°C
Humidity: 49%
Wind: W 31 gust 41 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”
Herbert Spencer
1820 – 1903

The effect of this phenomenon seems to be cumulative.

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Dear Maggie and friends…sometimes a “little” bit of knowledge is not necessarily a good thing. Having been a Registered Nurse since 1972…I have seen and learned a lot. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I needed to see my Primary Care Physician….I had been having increasing pain in my mid-left area of my back, which was new. Usually, I deal with lower back and hip pain, and have had several different types of injections..either in facets ( between the discs), or rhizotomy’s…they use radio frequency or cauterizing of nerves to relieve pain. Anyhow, the upper back pain on the left was different. Some history: 3 years ago, I was at work, and began to feel some sharp, epigastric pain. I thought my salad for lunch had upset my stomach…after a couple of hours, with no relief, I drove myself to the hospital ER. Long story short…I was in surgery early evening for a thoracic aneurysm repair. Several days in ICU, then home, with another new diagnosis, A-FIB.
Anyway, my PCP ordered a CT scan, with and without contrast. Guess. What? I have a new thoracic aneurysm, 5.7cm x 8.7 cm. Grant you, my doctor has not called. Mikey went and got me a copy of the report and a CD of the images. So, first thing Monday, I will call my vascular surgeon,and get direction from him. It pisses me off that , I, as the patient, have to take care of this stuff….the doctor should be doing it. This is what is so very wrong with health care here. What if I didn’t know what needs to be done? I am sorry to unload on all of you, but I really needed to vent. I am trying not to be crazy concerned…but since I lost my 44 year old son 2 1/2 years ago from a pulmonary embolism, I am just a tad worried. I guess I got some lemons instead of lemonade. My message to all of you. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If something doesn’t feel right, act on it. Again, thank you all for listening. Xxoo Margarett