Closing Up The Camp

Today we packed a picnic lunch, and ventured forth to the Camp. It was time to winterize Grace the Trailer, and shut things down for the winter weather, which will arrive in a few weeks time.

The weather was just like a summer’s day! How beautiful it was in the bush, blue skies, and a lovely breeze. The wind gusts were intense. We could hear the wind gusts approaching, roaring through the bare branches of the trees for almost a minute before they would reach us. Luckily we spend most of our time at the Camp in the glade, an open area in the forest, where there are no tree branches that can come down on us in high winds.

When we drove into the camp there was a young deer beside Grace the Trailer.
It stood and stared at us, as if to say, “I’ve not seen you before, what are you, why are you here, this is our glade.”
After a long pause the deer ran off, and as we emerged from the car, four more adult deer bounded away from either side of us, white tails flashing before they disappeared into the forest. I think they like our Camp because it is an open glade, and we keep a rain barrel there, which collects the runoff from Winnie the outhouse. Many animals and birds come to enjoy this source of water.

There was only one mouse in the trap in Grace the Trailer, which was buried. The mouse trap was setup for the winter. I hope we reach a point where we have the time and money to seal the undercarriage of the trailer, and keep the mice from coming in, in the first place.

After a leisurely lunch, we packed up our things, and headed for home. The drive was lovely on such a beautiful sunny day. It is always an interesting drive in the autumn, after the leaves have fallen, to see what is hidden behind the forest greenery. There are new discoveries all along the way.

We have ten different plants to harvest from the garden.
Rose Hips (harvested this evening, meager crop!)
Swiss Chard

There will not be a lot of processing needed, these crops will be modest. I am so very happy though, that today, November 5th, we are still gathering food from our garden!



Updated on Sat, Nov 5, 6:25 PM
20 °C
Partly cloudy
Wind 25 S km/h
Humidity 73%
Visibility 23 km
Sunrise 7:49 AM
Wind gust 37 km/h
Pressure 101 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 5:52 PM


“Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”
Margaret Lee Runbeck
1905 – 1965

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You had blue skies! Lucky! We’ve had clouds the last 2 days, and today blustery winds. The weatherman was threatening rain but no luck. Honestly, I’m glad we didn’t get any rain, considering the extreme winds.

We have grass! We got sod in the backyard last Tuesday and yesterday we got grass in the front yard. Green grass is so easy on the eyes! I could feel myself relaxing as soon as it was down.