Cold! Winter is flexing its muscles right now, with a windchill this morning of -35C, temperature of -25C. This is the cold that blew in from the western Canada, warmer by the time it reached us, but still very cold. With the cold came the sunshine, which is always welcome. It is Saturday though, and we have no particular place to go, and are tucked up warm and snug at home.

Today is Sausage making day at Mist Cottage. During our first try in early December, which was unsuccessful but tasty nevertheless, we learned a lot. We had inserted the blade in the meat grinder backwards, well it made a difference I can tell you. We got a real thrill this morning as the ground meat came out of the grinder perfectly. After the meat was ground, the flavourings and bread crumbs were added and it was all thoroughly mixed together.

After moving the grinding equipment out of the way, a patty making assembly line was set up. Attila weighed out 4 ounces of meat, rolled it into a ball, and placed it on a plate. I took the meat balls, flattened and shaped them into patties, and placed them on a waxed paper covered tray. 23 patties were made from six pounds of pork. We love these Sausage Patties, and because they can be made without nitrites, or salt, or any other questionable ingredients, they are much healthier for us than cured sausage meat. I will be able to enjoy these as burgers, breakfast sausage, and on homemade pizza.

Getting out and setting up all the equipment, preparing the meat for grinding, cleaning the equipment afterwards, treating the equipment with oil before returning to storage, and fitting it all back into the boxes, takes a LOT of time. After the equipment is spotlessly clean, it is allowed to dry overnight, to avoid any likelihood of rust or mold. Making Sausage Patties takes two days before it is done and dusted. It takes more time to setup, clean up, and store the equipment than it does to grind the meat, mix, measure, form, and freeze the patties. The results are so appreciated that we would make our own Sausage Patties in this way, even if it took five times the effort!

Preparations to make another loaf of whole wheat bread are underway. The last of the whole wheat flour has been used for this loaf. The flour supply needs to be replenished, more flour needs to be milled. The first step is to sort through the wheat berries, to ensure no stones are present, and to remove weed seeds. The next step is to setup the mill, and mill the flour. This takes hours because I let the mill cool after each milling session. Usually the wheat berries are sorted and ready first day, and milled the second day.

Every so often I sit down and take a break. When I put my feet up I watch My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn, and Rex Harrison. I’ve seen this movie at least twice before, but long ago, and although it is familiar, I am enjoying it just as much as the first time I saw it. Right now it has reached “Intermission”, which takes me back to an era when I actually attended big screen movies, and the drive in theater.

Because I was not feeling well recently, I was asked by my health care provider to quarantine for five days, and considering my current lifestyle, this represents an abundance of caution. Of course Attila was affected by this request, so he too is quarantining for five days. He will be tested early next week. I am sure he will test negative, and be returning to work next week. I am not very ill, and do not think I have Covid-19, as I haven’t been out of the house, or seen anyone but Attila, since my vaccination booster in mid-December. Quarantining makes little difference to my current way of life, other than I will not go for walks until after Attila tests negative.

Our homemade Sausage Patties.
They will be cooked in the air fryer at 370F, 9 minutes per side.



Updated on Sat, Jan 15, 7:45 AM
-25 °C
A few clouds
Wind 10 N km/h
Humidity 61 %
Visibility 24 km
Sunrise 7:40 AM
Wind gust 16 km/h
Pressure 103.4 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 4:54 PM


“The scars of others should teach us caution.”
Saint Jerome
374 AD – 419 AD

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I hope you feel better soon! If the sausage was made gluten free, it looks tasty. Stay/Get well, and warm!


Get well soon! The sausage patties look delicious 🙂

Joan Marie Brennan

So sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell. Feel better soon!


Hope you’re feeling better, now. I was feeling off on Monday but it went away as soon as the front went through. I react to weather like that, the drastic change in pressure makes me feel poorly.