Bright and Chilly

Bright and Chilly

The sun is shining brightly today! The temperature is low, -15C when I got up this morning. Once the sun came out though, the Asian Beetles were awakened on the southeast side of the house. Their presence is a sure sign that spring is on the way!

This morning a treat for breakfast was in order. On weekdays I dine alone but for dinner with Attila. Usually a quick piece of whole wheat toast with a bit of peanut butter does the job for breakfast. Today felt special, so I decided to make myself Buckwheat Pancakes for breakfast. They are great topped with unsweetened applesauce and a little swirl of maple syrup.

Lately old movies have caught my interest. Today I am watching Jamaica Inn (1939), by Alfred Hitchcock with Maureen O’Hara, Charles Laughton, and Robert Newton. The introduction with its flourish of dramatic music brought back the excitement I used to feel watching movies! That was back when films, and people like Maureen O’Hara, gave reassurance that eventual justice would prevail. Alfred Hitchcock’s movies don’t really have “happy ever after” endings, but they are satisfying nonetheless.

Friday at last. I love weekends. Attila having weekends off work doesn’t get old. It has been around four years now, that we have had the luxury of weekends together. Before that I worked at different times of day, in different places, and Attila worked six, sometimes seven days a week, so we had little opportunity to spend time together. We both love weekends!

Attila will be busy on the weekend, working on the pantry area in the basement. The electrical fixture is a dangling mess, so he is re-wiring and replacing it. There are also a set dangling wall studs, connected to nothing on the floor, and sporting a light switch and an outlet. I think that is the next issue he will tackle when then the light fixture has been sorted. And of course, he is still painting the ceiling in the basement. We have talked about continuing to paint the floor when the mild weather arrives. Floor paint gives off strong odours, so mild weather is needed for the project, so that the windows in the basement can be opened wide while the paint dries. Our little house sure is a project!

I will be kept busy with all the usual things, baking muffins and bread, making dinner, cleaning this and that, whatever needs doing. It is a happy life.

So here we are, bumbling along at Mist Cottage as best we can, enjoying life as much as we can.



Updated on Fri, Mar 5, 12:15 PM
-5 °C
Wind 25 W km/h
Humidity 41 %
Visibility 27 km
Sunrise 6:38 AM
Wind gust 37 km/h
Pressure 101.4 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 6:00 PM


“Providence has hidden a charm in difficult undertakings which is appreciated only by those who dare to grapple with them.”
Anne-Sophie Swetchine
1782 – 1857


  1. Sandy

    We’ve had a few warm days mixed in with colder days, but I feel like Spring is coming too! Your buckwhet pancakes sound delicious! I hope you and Attila have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Thanks Sandy! The weather seems to be up and down with the temperature. Slowly but surely the ups and downs are getting higher. 🙂 The pancakes were excellent. The recipe was from allrecipes web site, and it called for all buckwheat flour, but I used half buckwheat flour and half whole wheat flour and they were very nice. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! Stay safe dear friend!

  3. Thanks Bex! My life is very happy at the moment!

    Life has its ups and downs. I am aware that my Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, and generations beyond the present day may read what is written here. I do not want to create a falsely rosy picture of what it is like to live in this time and place. That one can have a happy life AND be aware of the underbelly of what goes on in this world is essential to personal balance, good decision making, and ultimately healthy communities in which to live. Every life has challenges, it is the nature of existence. So I do include here some of the down sides to living in Canada, my personal experience of the larger structures within which I must exist. I don’t live in a Disneyland of wonderfullness, where all people are caring and smiling and nice to each other. Not all outcomes are happy endings, and people have stories that should not be silenced if we are to live in a compassionate world.
    I love living in Canada, and would not want to live anywhere else,. I am well aware of the underside of this country, and will not pretend it doesn’t exist. That downside seldom intrudes on my personal space, but the Pandemic is intruding on everyone’s personal space in some way or another, and I write about the impact of the situation in the here and now. Acknowledging and writing about challenges does not preclude a happy life. In all things I seek balance.

    Stay safe dear friend!

  4. Thanks Joan! These quiet weekends are a real treasure!

    Life right now reminds of a snippet of lyric from Harry Nilsson song, Joy.

    “Things went good and things went bad
    Things went good and went bad
    Good, bad, good, bad, good, bad”

    Sort of the roller coaster ride this Pandemic has for a lot of Seniors and other vulnerable people.

    I do wonder if I am focusing a bit too much on the impositions of the Pandemic, but it is looming quite large in my little world, with Attila out there daily and at risk. I have to spend time every day monitoring what our country is doing about Covid vaccines, because we don’t have enough here to save lives effectively. With the severe shortage of vaccines every little decision politicans make will decide who lives and who dies. I keep my eye on things to navigate around the huge gaping cracks in Canada’s ability to effectively obtain and equitably distribute life saving vaccines. It is tiring work, keeping an eye out for our survival. If only one could rely on all politicians and people of influence to do the right thing by the people they represent, when lives are at risk, these issues would not permeate life to the same degree.

    I know that my friends and loved ones are all facing challenges at this time. My concern is palpable. Beyond what I can do towards our survival here at Mist Cottage, all I can do is bear witness to the political superstructures that have facilitated this horrendous situation in all our lives. The superstructure I am most intimately familiar with is that in Ontario, Canada, so that is what I have most to say about.

    I am seeking balance above all. For me that includes mention of how this Pandemic is playing out in my small nodule of the universe.

    My life is a happy one, although very challenging right now, as Attila and I wait for the life saving first shot of a vaccine, as do my Mom, and one of my brothers who has a chronic illness. Things seem to be looking up for those of us living in Canada, in that there will be a greater number of vaccine shots arriving soon… soon enough I hope!!

    I looked up from this screen, to the high branches of the Ash tree just outside the living room window. Perchaed on a swaying branch is a Robin, feathers puffed against the cold. Welcome Robin!!! Spring is definitely on the way.

    Stay safe dear friend!

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