Blogmas Day 17: Entertainment

This morning I ventured out to do the last, I hope, of my Christmas shopping.  I like to get little bits of decadent food that Attila loves, things he or we would never buy just to eat.  It makes Christmas Day special, with little culinary treats to savour throughout the day.  I bought some crisps for myself, a little treat to enjoy today, a wee bit high in sodium and calories, so dinner had to be pared down to an egg, with green beans and carrots on the side.  The egg and vegetables were actually all I could manage, I was so full from from my indulgent treat.

Today the weather was dreary indeed.  The Christmas Tree lights kept the up the cozy factor in the living room.  The two clocks continue to tic tic toc in almost unison, which adds to the ambience of the living room.

Attila is groaning through his pre-holiday work week, he is really looking forward to a week off.  It will be nice to have him around the house for a week, I think I could get used to that.  I do however like the rhythm of the work week, up very early, mornings that literally fly by, short and lazy afternoons, and quiet evenings.

We have been watching the series Schitt’s Creek, and we are really enjoying it.  Because we used to live in an area where very wealthy people owned seasonal properties, the formerly wealthy characters are vivid, and dead on.  Of course, the rich people in Schitt’s Creek have been “declawed”, so to speak, which allows them to slowly evolve into human beings.

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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
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DH and I LOVE Schitt’s Creek. We’ve watched all of them and now have to wait for next years. I really enjoy how no matter what’s going on they have happy times on the show and show warmth and caring.

We also do special foods at Christmas that we don’t have any other time of year. And DH will be off from the 22nd through Jan 1st. It’ll be good to have him home, wish it could be longer.


I looked up Schitt’s Creek, that does sound like a fascinating show. I wonder if it will come to PBS? I sure miss the DVD rentals. I should check our library, maybe they have this? (No, we don’t have Netflix or the Amazon Prime. Our computer screen is quite small. We have an old system, the TV isn’t connected with the web.) …Joan

Stubblejumpers Cafe

I haven’t watched every episode of Schitt’s Creek, but am especially impressed with what Catherine O’Hara does with her character — so over the top! hilarious — and I also find Daniel Levy’s character hugely entertaining — the faces he makes, alone! They’re all good, but those two particularly appeal to me. -Kate


I love the interplay between David and Stevie, as uncertain ‘best friends’ where Stevie is constantly playing David to make him see how he keeps backing himself into corners.


BTW, I see Schitt’s Creek has a Christmas special on tonight at 9PM Eastern on CBC.


CBC now has the ability to stream. There’s a free membership and a $5.99 premium membership.

We currently have a very cheap streaming package that includes basic channels (including CBC) but we are considering totally unplugging now that streaming options like CBC and CBS All Access are available.


CBS All Access has numerous current and old programs that could keep DH and I happily binge-watching for years, including I Love Lucy and Twilight Zone.