Autumn Weather

Autumn weather arrived overnight. It has been warm through October. So warm in fact that it was too warm in the house, despite open windows. I’ve been tempted to turn on the air conditioning, but managed with a fan. This morning the interior temperature of the house is 21C, which is much cooler than it has been, and a lot more comfortable. Time to put away the light cotton clothing and switch to flannel. Time to put away the sandals and get out the socks!

This morning I am paying bills, and baking. A batch of Cranberry Muffins are in the oven, Attila favours these for his work day lunches. While waiting for the timer to alert me to remove the muffins from the oven, I’ve been sitting in my easy chair, and looking around me. Although we have done much to this little house, the interior has received much less attention than the interior. The interior is where I spend ALL of my time, so I am beginning to mentally list what needs to be done, what I would like to have done, and in what order these things can done.

The easiest task to this end, is continuing to purge. Part of purging is reducing the amount of clothing that either needs repair, or no longer fits. I think that will be my focus once the last of the harvest season tasks have been completed. Attila still has a dozen or so pairs of pants that need repair, and there are a few pairs of my jeans that will never fit me again, and can be used as material for patches. It isn’t much, but it is a start. I also have new material to make two new aprons, and look forward to having those.

We still have produce to bring in from the garden. Yesterday Attila harvested the last of the green tomatoes, some of the leaf celery, the winter squash, and all of the Swiss Chard. The green tomatoes have been set to ripen in cardboard boxes, the leaf celery is being dehydrated, and the Swiss Chard was chopped, blanched, and frozen for winter meals.

Still to come in from the garden are kohlrabi, more leaf lettuce, kale, and cabbages. We have decided not to can any more of the garden produce, and will use dehydration or freezing to preserve the rest.

I have a short list of things I want to cook in November. For instance, a few years ago I canned a lot of green tomato Chow Chow. It is lovely, but we haven’t been eating it. Since I created a recipe to make Cowboy Candy Cheese Muffins, I am thinking that I might be able to create a delicious muffin with the Chow Chow too. I am still thinking about how to do that.

Cowboy Candy Cheese Muffins
I baked these for Attila, thinking I would not care for them. Wrong. Attila does not care for them and I love them.
Muffins are basic food here at Mist Cottage. I have a base recipe which I use to create a huge and varying variety of muffins. And my muffins are very healthy, oats, whole wheat, flax seed, baking powder, egg, milk, two tablespoons each of canola oil and sugar… and all kinds of other ingredients that change the taste and texture.



Updated on Mon, Oct 30 at 9:55 AM
Wind 12 N km/h
Humidity 92 %
Visibility 13 km
Sunrise 7:41 AM
Wind gust 17 km/h
Pressure 101.1 kPa
Ceiling 500 m
Sunset 6:01 PM


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We started to switch from autumn weather to semi-winter last week. A couple of gloomy, rainy days took down our lovely leaves. Then today, late fall/early winter arrived with several 3 to 5 minute bursts of heavy snowshowers. Fortunately, it was so wet that none of it stuck. It just melted into the wet ground. Quite a change from last week when we had to open the windows to keep the house temperature reasonable. But yesterday we even changed our sheets over to microfleece, because of the big drop in temperatures.

Wow! Your sunset is at 6:01? That’s a full 20 minutes sooner than ours. I’m glad we have a number of days before we get to that point. I don’t get depressed with winter darkness and I actually sleep better at night, but I’m not a big fan of early early sunsets and I celebrate when the sun again begins its journey south.


Well, the seasons had all kinds of costume changes today. We started with the last of the green trees changing to yellow. Then in the afternoon we got 3 heavy snowshowers some 5 to 10 minutes long. We ended up with about half an inch of snow that lasted for hours. And then, about an hour ago we suddenly had claps of thunder and it began to hail like crazy! We had dime-sized hail for about 10 minutes.

I’m getting the impression the thunderous announcement of unusual weather is a norm as fronts come across the lake and then are pushed up the bluffs. Fortunately, there are only a couple of claps of thunder as it crosses over and doesn’t continue.

Happy Halloween!


Lol! And then we woke up to 4 inches of snow on the ground!! Fortunately, it all melted by the afternoon. We actually had very welcome sunny skies for several hours. I was beginning to think we were going to have clouds all week.