And That’s A Wrap!

And That’s A Wrap!

The harvest canning season is all wrapped up! I just took the very last batch of garden Cabbage Coleslaw out of the canner. Goodness that feels good. And as I sit here the seals are popping in the kitchen. I feel a little bit stunned, to be honest. What will I do now. That feeling won’t last long, there are lots of projects that have been waiting their turn. But before starting into any of them, I am going to sit with my feet up, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes at the end of a long and busy harvest season.

Attila is out in the garden today, the sun is shining but it is cold for working with the hands. He is pulling out the Scarlet Runner Beans, the last of the vines and plants that perished in the -9C cold last night. It is looking very bare out there. He has left the Swiss Chard though, after harvesting all the large leaves, leaving only the small leaves. We shall see if the Chard continues to grow over the next few weeks. It would be so strange to get another harvest from the Swiss Chard.

As I poinder the day, I am thinking about switching out the percale sheets for flanelette, storing my summer clothing, and putting out my winter wear. It is time now.

Some of the projects I really want to get at, like cleaning, have got to wait until this finger is fully healed. The burn was worse than I realized, a second degree burn. I am keeping the hand dry by wearing a glove when I work in the kitchen. My hand perspires after a short time, so the puttering is in short bursts of activity, then the glove is removed and dried. Things get done, but not so smoothly as they do when I have healthy hands. It won’t be too much longer now I hope, before the wound closes and it no longer hurts when I touch it.

To my great surprise there was a knock on the door this afternoon, it was FedEx. The delivery fellow left a very battered box on the front step. The replacement bowl for the food processor arrived! It was Monday that I had spent hours on the phone with customer service, to arrange for a replacement, and I certainly did not expect such prompt service. Hopefully this bowl will last for decades to come.

It is Halloween tonight, and we will be darkening the house, and not answering the door. We don’t want to interact with strangers right now, Covid-19 is too dangerous for that kind of exposure. Many children have no symptoms, so they may have the virus and now know it. Cases have increased to over 1000 per day here in Ontario, so it isn’t a good time to take risks. It is tough to be a kid right now, with the isolation and broken traditions, but tougher by far to be old and in fear for your life, in my opinion.



4°C (20C in the house, heating is ON!)
Date: 1:00 PM EDT Saturday 31 October 2020
Condition: Mainly Sunny
Pressure: 103.2 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 4.2°C
Dew point: -5.1°C
Humidity: 51%
Wind: SW 14 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“We are bits of stellar matter that got cold by accident, bits of a star gone wrong.”
Sir Arthur Eddington
1882 – 1944


  1. Anonymous

    Glad to hear that you are putting your feet up, Maggie! You deserve a good rest after all that canning and food prep! Sending healing vibes for your finger. It is cold here and this morning there was frost everywhere but next week the temps are going back up into the 60s but we shall see. 🙂 Have a relaxing day!

  2. Bex Crowell

    Thanks for reminding me to shut the front door, close the curtains and pretend we aren’t home! I don’t think Salem has trick-or-treating but just to be sure.

  3. Thanks Joan! Nice and toasty in here now! This morning the outdoor temperature rose to 8C, so the heat is not coming on but for a few short spurts during the night. Happy Halloween! I ate a few chocolate chips out of the cupboard, just as a bit of nostalgia for childhood. We had no children come to the door, and didn’t see any out last night. I think the municipality had some sort of online thing for the kids, which makes sense. I will check out, I love classical music. You also inspired me to look at jigsaw puzzle software for my computer. After trying the online puzzles you gave a link for a while ago, I decided I wanted to work on my own photographs and images offline, so now my photograph collection provides me with jigsaw puzzles and I love it. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the good wishes Anonymous! The finger is healing so slowly, I am impatient. But it is healing well now. I certainly have learned my lesson, and will not neglect a burn again. Frost is so pretty. Enjoy the brief return of warmer temperatures!

  5. Eileen Barton

    Just doing a test here. For some reason even though I am getting notifications in my email of your posts when I comment I come up as anonymous so am going to try and get my name back. 🙂

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