An Opinion That I Wish Would Go Viral

Grocery stores could save lives – they need to offer NO CONTACT DELIVERY-TO-VEHICLE online shopping. Also home delivery for some.

Everyone needs groceries, the most common point of contact in our present situation. Stop endangering the staff and the customers by forcing people to come into the stores to obtain life sustaining items – food.

Put people before profits.

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Eileen Barton

My food store offers pick up and delivery options but I haven’t even been able to get online with them to place an order because of the high demand and not enough hours for delivery so my daughter has to go into the stores and shop for both of us. I am very high risk so have not ventured outside in several weeks.

Eileen Barton

Thanks, Maggie! You stay safe, too.


Oh Maggie….I have been so remiss for not writing sooner. I dropped my
I-pad, and killed it. And, though we are fine health wise, I have been in a social coma. Mike finally got my new I-pad backup to speed, I have been slow getting back to my favorite people. It was in the 40’s this past weekend, then 90 today. That, with all the pollen, my house has a thin covering of green on everything. Mike and all of our animals are fine. He has been watching all kinds of foreign police dramas….Sweden,Finland, Poland….etc. all in sub titles. Not for me. I have been cooking a lot, and freezing a lot of it for later. I am going to read all of your past posts, get caught up, and will talk with you soon.
Xxoo. Margarett


Hello again,Maggie- I just finished reading all of you past posts, and comments, since I had last posted…in January or February. What a past few weeks? Now, my friend, that is the understatement of 2020. It sounds that you are taking great preventive steps regarding COVID-19. I am quite surprised, when watching the US news…some people STILL are not taking this seriously. Jeremy ( my youngest), and all 26 members of her family, left on March 9th for their annual family vacation, to Costa Rica….they arrived back here a week later, on March 16th. They were so lucky. Not sure if you saw all the swarms of people at major airports that weekend? Well, they arrived at the airport- no lines at customs. Mike went to pick them up ( not all of them…just Jeremy, Natalie, Carson, Ryder, and Natalie’s mother) They were so lucky…apparently after the horrible weekend, many, many flights were canceled. That week was when all schools in Texas were canceled, and are now out for the rest of the year. Carson, 7th grader, is doing on- line school; Ryder was only in Pre-k 3 days/week, so he has had no more school for this year. Natalie is a dental assistant, and they closed their office completely. Jeremy works as an arborist ; he is working, but few people are spending funds on tree care right now. As he says….” we need a good storm, with no human harm, then his business will pickup”. I haven’t left the house since 3rd of March, for a haircut. Mike is doing our essential shopping….taking all kinds of precautions. We cleaned off shelves in the garage, and all non fridge/ freezer items, get sprayed with an alcohol spray, and are stored out there for several days. We had stocked way up with alcohol, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide in January…in preparation for my spring cleaning. He shops at one grocer, with Senior Citizen hours. We are able to only have to go about every 2-3 weeks. Having worked in hospice for 10 years….my heart breaks that no one is allowed to be with the dying. Maybe the chaplain…or a nurse. Dallas/FtWorth has not had the horrendous positive cases/ death rates, of many other large metro areas….yet. We have been mandated to shelter at home for the past 3 weeks. We can go outside; but must maintain social distancing of 6 feet. All parks, walking trails, restaurants, gyms, hair and nail salons, any business that’s non-essential
are closed. We can get carry out/ home delivery from many restaurants is still available. We are supposed to receive $1200/person, and $500/
Child, beginning sometime this week. This will be based on income…less than $75,000 person. This will likely be repeated in May. Is Canada doing anything similar? People who have filed for unemployment will be getting $600/ 2 weeks. This is for persons that have lost their jobs or have been furloughed. I received notice from the Texas Board of Nursing…wanting me to come out of retirement. My health will not allow me to do direct patient care. I have offered to do tele-care, scheduling, or anything not too physically demanding, but with my heart condition, and age, I am considered a high risk, so I will most likely not be recalled. I would love to be able to phone homebound elders and check on them regularly. At this point, I have to wonder what our lives and society, will be like when this virus passes this year. The US had 30 million deaths from 1918-1920 during that flu epidemic. Times and medicine has changed so much since then. But from what I have read, had that epidemic been COVID-19, we would have lost half of the US population to death. My grandmother lost 2 young children to that flu, and they lived on a farm. What type of work did Atilla do? I think there will be societal changes…just not sure what it will be. I pray that a vaccine can be developed that will eradicate this illness. But, they have not been able to develop a flu vaccine that works on ALL flu even today. We will get thru this…I am just not sure what is on the other side.
Talk with you again soon…stay safe. Xxoo. Margarett. BTW…I get your notifications in my email.


I found out the other day, by sheer luck, that our local small town cottage grocery has just started doing parking lot pick up. You can email or call them with your order.

You might check your local store to see if they’ve started the same.