All’s Well…

January is half gone. Today is very blustery and sunshiny. I love the sound of the wind in the trees.

Another quiet day here at Mist Cottage. I waited patiently for 11:00 a.m. to roll around, so that I could bake a batch of muffins for Attila’s lunches. I dislike the time-of-use hydro billing system, as during the week, when I would like to do things like bake and cook, the hydro is more expensive during the day. By evening I am feeling too tired to be starting long food projects, like pressure canning, or baking bread; but I would love to spend my mornings and early afternoons on this type of activity. I wondered if a Tesla wall would be practical, as it could be charged during the night when the rates are low, and used during the day when the rates are high. But it isn’t a solution for those of us on a budget, it is very expensive, costing farm more than the high priced hydro I would be using on the grid. So far, I haven’t found a viable solution to the time-of-use hydro conundrum.

I had a colonoscopy in early December. A colonoscopy is a traumatic event for me, given my anaphylaxis, and medications. For weeks before any hospital/medical procedure that involves medications of any kind, I am tense and unsettled.

I made it through the colonoscopy just fine, the Surgeon, and the Anesthetist were wonderful and thorough. The only issue was the post-op Nurse who failed to check for allergens when offering me juice after the procedure. Attila was there and caught it. I wear a medic alert necklace, and it is useless unless the medical staff pay attention to it. I was coming out of heavy sedation, so was not alert enough to watch out for myself, the Nurse should have been paying attention, but she wasn’t. Attila could not read the tiny print on the label for the juice, and no magnifying glass was available, so I was given plain water instead.

One benign polyp was removed. I didn’t know it was benign however, until two days ago. I had to wait all this time, well over a month, to find out if the polyp was benign. It was my Nurse Practitioner who gave me the news, as I had a routine appointment with her.

The surgeon was unable to complete the colonoscopy successfully because of my physiology. He sent me for a colonography for a more thorough picture of what is going on in there. When he explained this to me I was just coming out of the anesthetic, and what I heard was the word blockage, it was all I could remember of the explanation, for the need for a colonography. So I wasn’t sure what I was up against, and it worried me quite a bit.

The colonography was stress free for me, as compared to the colonoscopy. The prep was just as miserable as it had been for the colonoscopy, but there would be no medications involved in the procedure, none. I would be awake, alert, and able to interact to advocate for myself through the whole procedure. It was a doddle.

I have been waiting for the results, and today the Nurse Practitioner called to tell me that the CT scan was normal, no problems. Relief and gratitude continue to slowly seep through me.

For the moment, I have no serious health issues. And I don’t think I will need another colonoscopy for a very long time. Yay.

I am fighting with my blood pressure again. It is up. I am keeping an eye on it, as it might have been the long months of super stressful colon watch, and/or Christmas sweets, that have affected it. Since I wasn’t sure what the future held, I indulged in Christmas pudding, cookies, and desserts of various kinds. Sugar is very bad for my blood pressure. A normal diet has been resumed, and the colon related stress is happily resolved, so time will tell.



Date: 10:00 AM EST Wednesday 16 January 2019
Condition: Light Snow
Pressure: 101.2 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 0.7°C
Dew point: -2.2°C
Humidity: 81%
Wind: WSW 27 gust 49 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“All things great are wound up with all things little.”
L. M. Montgomery
1874 – 1942

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Glad to hear everything turned out well! It’s so hard to wait for results. And I know for me the waiting has a tendency to make me feel unwell.

Hope you’re feeling much better now.


I’m glad the colon has proved to be healthy! I hope you can feel less stressed now.