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What's For Dinner

By Maggie Turner

February 9, 2000

What's For Dinner?

Attila is feeling much better. His toothache is gone and the dentist believes he can save the tooth. We are sleeping through the night again.

I have acquired four cardboard "Bankers Boxes" in which to store my family photographs and memorabilia. My evening was spent moving my keepsakes from the plastic bins I purchased last month to the cardboard boxes I purchased today. After describing the plastic bins in this journal, I received a kindly warning that plastic emits a gas, which contains an acid that would eventually destroy my belongings. Thank you Kathy!


While moving my things from box to box, tonight an old receipt fell out of one of the envelopes. The date on the receipt is 04/30/90. At that time, I had just rented and moved into the main floor of a house in a large city. I loved the apartment, the neighborhood, the city, and my life. The house we lived in was a half a block from a major downtown street. On that street was a little all night grocery. The produce they sold was fresh and plentiful. My purchase was for mushrooms and meat; this would have translated into spaghetti sauce. I do not remember sitting down to the table for dinner on Monday night, April 30, 1990. I do know that my daughters and I enjoyed our spaghetti dinner that night. We always enjoyed our spaghetti dinners.


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