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A Winter's Night

By Maggie Turner

February 11, 2000

A Winter's Night


An owl watched us from on high as we walked under the tree in the darkness. Attila saw it first. I would have walked on in ignorance, beneath the tree and beyond, if he had not taken me by the arm. The owl knew we were there, it watched us watching it. Making no sound, it waited patiently for us to leave. Much later, we walked again below that tree as we made our way home. The owl was not there. Perhaps it crossed to the other side of the street.

It has been very cold here. Tonight it is bitterly cold. Attila spent the day outdoors in the cold wind. Tonight he is weary as he spent the day walking about in the snow. The snow is deep, blanketed with an icy crust that breaks easily with each step. Removing the foot, once the crust is broken, is a more difficult task without the benefit of weight and gravity to assist the process. Although the weather is frequently icy, deep snow is unusual. One pair of snowshoes would last a lifetime here.

"The Teenager" has arrived home from watching a hockey practice. I find myself wondering if it was colder inside than it was outside the arena (it is -11 degrees Centigrade out there right now). She appears not to have noticed the weather and is on a mission to obtain nourishment. She is raiding the refrigerator in search of a late night snack. I think I will wait to see what she comes up with, a late night snack sounds very appealing.


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