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Aches and Pains

By Maggie Turner

February 7, 2000

Aches and Pains

I am enjoying the snow. There is a lot on the ground and there is more falling from the sky now. Snow is a veil of truth that ignores the affairs of humans. It fell from the skies long before humans walked the earth. It falls from the skies today. Literature, the media, humans can describe it, anthropomorphise it, vilify it or glorify it. It makes no difference to the snow. Snow is not subject to the desires or manipulations of human cultures. Humans, in their hubris, can contrive to overcome it or to use it to their own ends. It may even seem that they succeed. That success is a constructed illusion, a projection. These constructions come and they go, and the snow still falls.

Attila has a toothache. It started last Friday. By Saturday noon, he was pacing the floor. I called the dentist's office; they paged him. The dentist called Attila, asked a few pertinent questions and called in a prescription to the drug store for antibiotics and painkillers. At first, the medications did not help at all. In fact, Attila spent Saturday night constantly sipping water, pacing, watching brief bits of television programs, and dozing off for short periods. Thankfully, he let me sleep soundly through the night. He looked very tired in the morning. Finally he started to feel better on Sunday and went to bed early to catch up on all that sleep he had lost. Today he was back at work and tomorrow he has an appointment to have the tooth removed.

School resumed its normally scheduled hours today. Soon the report cards will arrive. This is seldom a cause for celebration for "The Teenager". She will feel bad for about two minutes, shrug her shoulders, and continue to ignore her schoolwork. We are still waiting hopefully for an epiphany.


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