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Forever Young

By Maggie Turner

February 5, 2000

Forever Young


I have been unable to write during the last few days. It is just too chaotic around here. "The Teenager" and her friends are having a wonderful break from school. As much as I enjoy watching them have a good time, I will be glad when life settles down enough to include some quiet moments.

We have lots and lots and lots of snow. Attila does the shoveling here so I cannot really complain. A neighbor across the street has several bird feeders to supplement the diet of the local wildlife. This morning I have seen crows, blue jays, cardinals, and two species of birds I cannot identify.

Our neighbor "J" is an interesting character. He is a widower. He is well into his eighties. Every morning I see him set forth at a fair clip for a vigorous walk. He returns after an hour or so, travelling at the same speed. If I did not know his age, I would guess him to be in his early twenties by the way he walks with his hands in his pockets, hat tilted slightly to the side. His front garden is neat and trimmed. The back yard is devoted to vegetables and fruits.

He has not lost his sense of humor, as I found out one summer morning while weeding my front garden. There I was, minding my own business, tending to the glorious greenery I had planted that spring. Various others in the "The Neighborhood" were mowing lawns, washing cars and watering gardens. It was peaceful. It was tranquil. I was suddenly soaking wet. I looked up and many of the neighbors were tentatively looking my way. There was "J", garden hose in hand, grinning at me from across the street. "Hey!" I yelled. "You looked hot," he said, grinning. Like children, we all started to laugh "J", the other neighbors, and I. I like living here.


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