Apple Crisp in a Mug


1 small apple peeled and cut into thin slices

2 tablespoons quick oats 2 tablespoons flour

1 tablespoon brown sugar (or 1 packet of stevia)

1 tablespoon butter

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon pinch of salt


Peel the apple and cut it into thin slices. I find that thinner slices cook evenly in the microwave.

Place slices in a microwaveable mug or small bowl. Microwave for 60 seconds.

Meanwhile, combined the remaining ingredients and crumble together with a fork. I just reuse the plate that I cut the apple on. Less dishes!

Stir the cooked apples and then sprinkle the topping on top. Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and then microwave for an additional 30 seconds.

Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes (the hardest part is waiting!) and then dig in. A scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whip cream are a nice touch on top.

You could pack this apple crisp up for an afternoon pick-me-up at work too. Just measure out the crumble ingredients into a small plastic bag and slice an apple at home with a sprinkle of lemon juice to prevent it from going brown. Then it’s as easy as tossing it in a mug on your break!

Source: I don’t know, I think I made it up in a moment of sheer desperation, lol.