April 2, 2006

Saving up the good news.



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Living Local
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It has been a long time since I sat down to write here. Attila and I have been metaphorically holding our breath, waiting to see if we can survive in our present location, or if we have to move on, in search of a living wage.

Today is the first day of our new life.

We are optimistic that we will be staying where we are. Attila starts a new full-time job tomorrow, a year-round job, not just a summer-job. The wage is low, but the work is steady, and we can survive. After three months he will be eligible for health care benefits.

I am still working at my winter-job, and have a few weeks left to go. I enjoy the job and the people, so I do wish I could stay there. My fingers are crossed that they can keep me on, but the decision to create a position for me will be made by people sitting in far off offices. If I am disappointed and looking for work again, I will not be taking it personally. It has been a positive experience.

When survival is in question, all other aspects of existence reconcile to that bottom line. When survival is possible, other aspects of existence change from grayscale to full and magnificent colour. That today is bright and sunny seems an apt homage to our improved situation.

Today also saw another overwhelming problem resolved in a most satisfactory way. Our roof, the one Attila had to shovel endlessly all winter, leaked badly this spring. The shingles are sound, but could not protect us from a severe ice dam problem. We will have to repaint a bit of ceiling, no worse damage to report. The certainty that the problem would get worse, not better, led us to consider putting on a new roof.

A roof is an expensive home renovation. Since we heat with wood we wanted a steel roof, which would offer some protection from chimney sparks and fires. We gathered estimates, and were dismayed that the cost was beyond our reach.

Attila decided he could do it himself, in his spare time; that would be evenings and his one day off. I concluded that it might take him all summer to accomplish such a project.

We were incredibly fortunate when a friend offered to bring along two other men to help Attila. It turns out that our friend and his buddies have roofed with metal before. He procured the materials for us at a reasonable price, and all three good fellows showed up here this morning to do the deed.

It is 3:30 p.m. and they just pulled out of the driveway, heading for home.

The roof is completed. The workmanship is top notch. The cost to us was so reasonable that we can hardly believe it.

When the rain returns, each drop that patters on the roof over our heads will remind me of the value of friendship, kindness and reciprocity.

As of today, two pressing issues have resolved themselves. The process of resolution has left us, not with just a full-time job and a new roof, but with a renewed belief in friendship.

These moments are well worth the wait.

While Attila and I have been struggling with our own little challenges, the rest of the world has been carrying on with its own business. There have been some wonderful developments there as well.

Luna is expecting. She told us a while ago, but since she lost her first pregnancy, she wasn't going to get excited until she made it through the first trimester of this pregnancy. And so we have waited.

I am happy to say that my grand-babies have reached their first trimester, and all seems to be going well. And yes, I said grand-babies! Two of them, Baby A and Baby B at this point.

It seems Attila and I will be warm, dry, employed and will become grandparents in the year 2006.

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