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Yellow Tulips

Tried and Failed 
By Maggie Turner  

Thursday, May 4, 2000

Tried and Failed


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At last, a warm evening! I can hear the frogs singing celebrations in the pond down the hill from the house. I can hear the new, small leaves rustling in the breeze. The sun is setting pink and orange in the distance, through the partially clothed branches. I still have the vase of tulips on the desk in front of me and the sun is slanting once more on the Georgia O'Keege poster on the wall. This scene is similar to the one I described in yesterday's journal entry. I cherish continuity. I felt peaceful then; I feel peaceful now.

My long awaited camera lenses arrived today by post. I enjoy taking pictures of flowers and plants, close up lenses seemed a necessity for this task. I did not open the package right away, I made myself wait until I finished all the little tasks started before its arrival: laundry, bread making, dishes, installing the patch for Microsoft Office and installing a screensaver. Finally, I took the lenses out of their package and attached them to the camera with the special mounting device newly arrived. I did not stop to read the instructions. I am of the firm belief that the instructions will mean nothing until my own logic has been tried and failed. I proved myself correct. I tried. I failed. I read the instructions and they were very meaningful.

Although I am tempted to display an example of today's failed efforts with the camera, I will resist the temptation. After all, success can not be that far away, can it?

My walking shoes have new soles; they look almost new! I am ready for action. Like new shoes, they are a bit stiff in places. I have been wearing them around the house today to break them in slowly. Attila looks like he needs a break from gardening. I think I will take him for a walk and try my new soles out "on the highway".

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