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Yellow Tulips

Tulips and Taurus 
By Maggie Turner  

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Tulips and Taurus


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I am stealing a moment to write. Attila is mowing the lawn while the light remains. I can hear the motor roaring through the open window above me. The sun slants in against the wall to my right, lighting up the topmost portion of a Georgia O'Keefe poster. The smell of new mown grass wafts in with the breeze. Four yellow, red, and orange tulips grace my desk. I have been gazing at them off and on all day. Life is peaceful for the moment.

The day before yesterday my computer was gasping for air. Freezes, hangs, chugging, clunking and just general weirdness alerted me that it was in need of a tonic. I proceeded to initialize the hard drive and take on the long, drawn out path to clean installation of everything. That is a lot of installing and configuring. I started yesterday morning and have not finished the job yet. The software is installed, all the drivers and the programs and the utilities. I am still trying to recover some mistakenly lost email and adding the last bits and pieces necessary for the networked computers to run smoothly. I am almost done! It only took two days!

There was an interesting phenomenon in the skies today. It was a rough alignment of planets and could not bee seen with the naked eye. Six planets and the moon were situated in the sign of Taurus earlier in the day. This event has prompted much excitement with those who study astrology. In my natal chart, Taurus is in the Sixth House, the house of "hard work and detailed methodology". Perhaps it is no coincidence that I have spent the day laboring through a detailed restructuring of my digital world. I have been having fun. "The Teenager" says I should get a life. In reality, she would not like that at all.

A hoard of teenagers arrived through my door around four o'clock this afternoon, two boys, three girls, and heaps of running shoes and backpacks. I am not sure what they were up to, they wandered from the back yard to the family room and finally out the door in a mad rush to catch a bus. Not one of them returned to ask for a ride, so I can safely assume they beat the bus to the stop. "The Teenager" disappeared with the crowd. She will be staying with her best friend tonight so things are quiet here. That explains the peaceful moments I have been experiencing this evening.

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