Maggie Turner: Page by Page


  1. Eileen Barton

    When I can see grass again I am going to go kiss it. LOL We got about an inch of snow today but it also rained so now we have some ice on the ground. It sounds so romantic to mill your own bread and bake it, etc. I imagine it is a lot of work, too. My aunt used to bake her own bread and it was so delicious and then she would also fry some of the bread dough and we’d have it with jelly or powdered sugar. Glad you were able to get some turkeys. Stay warm and safe, Maggie. 🙂

  2. Eileen, I am with you, that grass is going to look so welcome, even before it starts to green up! We had the snow plow by just after supper, more shovelling. Soon though, very soon, this white will disappear and we will be able to get on with spring!!
    Milling flour is time consuming, I mill two gallon jars of hard white flour and a 1 1/2 quarts jar of Kamut flour at every milling session. This lasts almost two weeks, but not quite. It takes all day because I sort through the grain to remove weed seeds and once I found a small stone, and that takes a lot of time. Also, I only mill a half gallon jar of flour at a time, then let the mill cool for a half hour or so before milling more flour. The mill is electric, so that part is easy, but the mill heats up from all the friction of grinding, so I let it cool for a bit between batches. I can do lots of other things at the same time, so it doesn’t require a lot of focus, just time. Homemade bread is delicious! That fry bread of your Aunt’s sounds amazing! Stay safe dear friend!

  3. I’m so sad you’re losing your ash trees. We had a fine orange tree, which gave us such tasty fruit, but a fungi got after it, and it hasn’t much longer. The arborist tried to save it by removing the most fungi eaten parts, but….

    We’ll have to replant with something that isn’t a fruit tree. Something less vulnerable to fungi.
    I grieve…. I love trees so much.

  4. Joan, so sorry to hear about your orange tree! I too love trees, always have. I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm surrounded on three sides by natural forest land, we spent every single free minute playing under, in, and up the trees! During my teens my bedroom window was right beside the forest, and every morning the at first light the forest birds would begin to sing me awake. Trees are wonderful. I hope you find the perfect tree! I wonder if some varieties of fruit trees are fungi resistant, I know with things like vegetables that some varieties are developed to resist common diseases and pests. Stay safe dear friend!

  5. The vaccine situation may be worse where you’re at. Julia did get her first shot yesterday (moderna). She is 68, but as I am only 62, I have a while to wait.

    When we got back from the Civic Center (I waited in the car), we saw our neighbors to the east outside, having a yard sale (weather here is cool, but not cold). Julia told them of our success. These two neighbors, both of them are battling cancer, one of them goes into hospital quite frequently, but no….. , they are refusing the vaccine, even though they are over 65 and qualify. I don’t get it. They’d rather take the word of conspiracy theorists than scientists!

    It boggles the mind.
    I do hope some sunshine and joy reaches you where you are at….
    We love the ‘all classical portland’ radio we get via the internet. It’s a comfort, good music.

    <3 <3

  6. I am so very glad to hear that Julia has had her first shot. One shot is supposed to prevent a severe outcome even if you do get the virus, it saves lives! I hope you opportunity is soon to follow!

    The vaccine situation in Canada is dire indeed. Our supply comes from Europe, we can’t produce our own vaccines. Europe stopped shipping them to us for a bit, then reduced what they would ship, leaving Canadians high and dry. Astra Zaneca has now been approved and we have some on the way from India, but not enough to make a significant difference, or to vaccinate people under 90. We have managed to vaccinate 94% of our long term care home people, which is marvelous, but that leave the old living on their own totally unprotected. I have to admit the stress of facing severe illness and death is really wearing. I managed to deal with that kind of fear for myself, with the anaphylaxis, but I could control the inputs on that situation. With Covid it the people around us that are dangerous, and the people where Attila works, and we can’t escape their possible negligence. But I think the real tipper for me is the thought that Attila might catch the darn virus, and something awful might happen to him, I find that harder to deal with than the thought of my own demise. There is nothing for it but to keep going. I have to admit to some indulgence today, the anniversay of one year in isolation, to express my feelings about the whole situation. I will put these thoughts and emotions aside, now that I have aired them, and will enjoy the better weather that is soon to arrive!

    Wow, those neighbours are really pushing their luck! It is mind boggling! It just goes to show that the education systems in North Amercia are failing to teach people how think!

    Your weather sounds perfect!! The classical radio station sounds lovely, I am going to have a look for it!! Stay safe dear friend!