Maggie Turner: Page by Page


  1. We are shocked and disgusted by provincial and federal governments in this country that don’t act quickly and decisively upon the recommendations of those who know best when it comes to this health threat: doctors, epidemiologists, nurses, scientists.

    I’m also somewhat surprised that so many people wait for government to tell them what to do; i.e., they’re not listening to the healthcare workers.

    Mostly I find it painful to see so much refusal to be responsible for one’s own actions. Or to think clearly about who is saying what, and why.

    Anyway … Scott and I both got our first shots on Thursday (Moderna) … so we will soon feel somewhat safer ourselves, but since we can still carry this thing to others, we know we’re in it for the long haul. Unfortunately we have loved ones who seem to think this can never affect them, and they aren’t concerned about what they may be spreading, and of course you can’t tell them anything.

    People. Tsk. I know we all have to weigh our options and are only doing our best and we sometimes slip up and so on. But the stupidity and the unwillingness to curb behaviour … are disheartening. I know this has been a lot more difficult for a lot of people than it has been for me. I need to remember that and be patient.

    Keep well,

  2. Kate! I too am shocked and disgusted. The provincial governments were left in charge of measures, and what a fiasco that is. The virus said DIVIDE and CONQUER, and so it came to pass. Humans are being far too cooperative with this virus.
    I share your sentiments on these issues.
    Ontario is in a state of emergency, today we set a record for new cases, and our hospital is at capacity for ICU care. Pretty scary. And yet, yesteray and today, all kinds of people are having guests. I wonder if there is some sort of fungus infection affecting people, because I find it so difficult to perceive the level of stupidity that drives the behaviour I see out there,
    YAY! I am so glad to hear the you and Scott have had your first shot. What a relief that must be.
    I am busy avoiding people, as anyone might be carrying the virus around with them. It is easy to be kind when you avoid people, I find. A friendly hello from a distance while out on a walk around the block is as far as I take human interactions these days, months, year. I am lucky I don’t have a workplace I have to go to, gearing up and trying to keep safe out there must be a nightmare. I cut Attila a LOT of slack over just about everything, because he has to brave a crowded workplace with some very careless and thoughtless people. Most are good of course, but one person can bring in the virus and infect everyone else. You can catch the virus even when wearing a mask, it is not a shield of invincibility.
    Anyway, glad to hear you and Scott are doing well, and that you are as safe as can be hoped for!
    Are you getting ready to put in your beautiful flower garden this spring?
    Stay safe dear friend!