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  1. Maggie Turner

    A pizza oven sounds good to me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your experience with a drug store machine sounds pretty traumatizing, glad it let of of you! They had one at the drug department at the Independent grocery store we stopped at when we lived at the country house. I tried it a few times, and luckily is wasn’t malfunctioning, didn’t even know they might do that. But now I know will think of you every time I see one of them, ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sandra

    Weโ€™re harvesting rhubarb now too. Enjoyed a lovely rhubarb crumble today. I too reuse my canning lids, especially for vacuum sealing jars. Looking forward to an abundant harvest and fun (work!) canning, freezing and dehydrating this yearโ€™s produce. I enjoy following your preserving efforts . You inspire me to do more and waste less.

  3. Teri

    I remember you having problems with those tattler lids before. Hope they don’t end up spoiling (literally) all your hard work.

    It must be really hard trying to figure out the best heating, especially when costs of heating are so variable right now.

    Hope your weather has stayed comfortable. It seems like the weather services can’t get a handle on our temps here on the Lake Huron coast and most days they’re as much as 5 to 10 degrees higher than what we’re getting.

  4. Maggie Turner

    Sandra, the rhubarb crumble sounds delicious! I am thinking about sealing jars, but haven’t bought the attachment yet. I was worried that it would not fit on the vaccum sealer I have because it isn’t a FoodSaver, but someone else with my appliance, a Cabela, said it would work. I decided not to order one on Amazon, but wait until I felt safe going into a local store, so that if it does not work I can easily return it. Preserving food is such satisfying fun/work, a hobby with benefits. Enjoy the bounty of your garden!

  5. Maggie Turner

    Teri, the Tattlers are a challenge, I don’t like them much, but will keep plugging along with my experiments hoping to master their mysteries at some point. I keep reading about people who have total success with them, but I sometimes wonder if those people are somehow biased, and perhaps not entirely truthful. I might have lost some of the dandelion jelly, only time will tell. I need to be experimenting with water, so will be giving that a go next time, lesson learned. Still, I am only out the cost of the sugar, pectin, electricity and my time, at least I didn’t lose any fresh fruit, plenty more dandelions where those came from.
    Choosing a heating system is a nightmare. To add to the complexity of the decision is the age of Mist Cottage, the unusual construction techniques used, and the current placement of things like plumbing. This home was built with high quality used materials, and before there were rigorous building codes. She is sound, but unusual.
    The weather is up and down and all around this spring! Your lake effect would be quite significant, I wonder if they have weather stations along the coast of the lake. The weather near the great lakes is always a bit different than the inland weather. Niagara was like that, almost 10F colder at the lake, with the temperature steadily rising as you headed inland.

  6. Sandy, I love Strawberry Rhubarb pie too! The jam is really good, but the recipe I used doesn’t include enough rhubarb, next time I’ll know. I think I can suffer through eating this batch though ๐Ÿ™‚ it is pretty good.