A software update broke the comments!

Please bear with me as I make some changes to the software that steers this ship!

Hopefully the comments work now!


  1. Joan, it sure does look different. I had to install new software, which changed everything. The old software was not being updated to use the server software I am using, so it was overdue to be changed. Unfortunately this changed the whole design, I hope you can find your way around this new format!
    I think I fixed the capitalization issue this morning, took a while to track down the problem. It is a weird problem!

  2. Bex+Crowell

    Why can’t thinks just stay as they are??? I hate change! I must be old.
    I never mentioned this, but do you remember I had a pretty large blog at WordPress? With loads and loads of links and older entries going way way back to Web-TV days? I had to delete it all a few months ago because some creep woman wrote to me saying she found an image of HERS on my site somewhere and she was going to sue the pants off me and pull heaven and earth down on me if I didn’t eliminate it immediately! I was so upset and I had no idea what image she was talking about that I went in and just deleted my entire blog completely. Now I don’t have to worry about it. I hardly ever used it anymore anyway but it’s just part of life these days that is not pleasant.

    Your blog here is very different now. Although I do like this font they have for the comments!!! It’s cool.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Maggie. Technology can be a pain sometimes. I like the new look. It reminds me of being in a garden. It seems to know who I am too (name and email address). Sometimes change is good.

    Hi Bex. I had that same experience with a blog I maintained. I had posted a photo and excerpt from a website. I gave full attribution to the source website. Months later someone contacted me saying they would sue my pants off if I didn’t remove the photo. It was theirs, they had full rights etc etc. I replied that the photo had been posted on the other website but that I was taking the post down on my site. The person replied that if I wanted to make a monthly payment, I could keep the photo up. Thanks but No thanks!

  4. Bex, I remember your journal very well, I loved it! I think it must have been a troll who tried to exploit you. I am followed around by a couple of trolls, they show up on Facebook, and here, every once in a while, threatening, saying vile things, basically attempting to garner a reaction. I put their feedback in the trash and ignore it. Of course, I usually only post things here that are my copyright, or in public domain. If I quote, I cite a reference, which is legal. Trolls would probably like to see all women bloggers, particularly older women, silenced. They are full of hate, and they are everywhere. I give them none of my time.
    I am sad that your blog went! Just a note to say, if you ever need to you can save a blog for printing or archive with wordpress, before deleting it. Probably too late now, but others might benefit from this.
    I will look into this software to see if there is a way to allow you to edit your comments, it is on the list.

  5. Hi Sandy, thanks! The database remains the same, it is the software for the appearance that needed to be upgraded. The photograph is from last summer, our hanging planter of Everbearing Strawberries.
    Your experience with threats for copyright sound awful. Enterprising trolls. Actually, copyright allows use if the source is properly cited, as long as the volume copied is small.
    I know that anything and everything on the internet is subject to use by others, to a limited degree.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Maggie. Yes, I was religious about attribution. Thinking about it later, I think the person just wanted to get me to pay for a license to use the photo in an article by someone else ~ Lol! Crazy.

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