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Here are a few of my favorite online haunts:
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Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
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Living Local
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Environment Canada Weather
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Water! Too much or too little of this stuff and you have a problem. And then there is water quality. Living in the bush we have experienced both the too little and the too much water issues. Since moving here we have completely ignored the water quality issue.

We don't drink the water from our well. Why not? Samples were sent to the health unit when we purchased the house and the results came back giving our water a clean bill of health.

Still, when we moved in we thought the UV filter system was working. After all we had a home inspection done, so we thought that we would be alerted of any unaddressed problems with the house. We were wrong. I would not hire a home inspector associated with a realtor ever, ever again.

The UV filter system was not functioning at the time we purchased the house and we were not alerted to this fact. When we moved in, Attila flipped the switch. Immediately an unbearable screech came out of the unit, and it did not stop until we turned it off again.

That was almost six years ago. It has been on our list, but not anywhere near the top of the list.

Until this week. I decided that it was time to focus on either repairing the UV filter system or start looking into alternatives. Attila removed the lamp a few days ago, and this morning I took it to a highly recommended local Plumbing, Heating and Electrical establishment. These people are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. It was arranged that the owner would drop by our house to "have a look", which he did this afternoon. He determined almost immediately that the lamp is fine and does not need to be replaced, but the power unit did need to be replaced. Within thirty minutes he had the whole system ticking over as it should.

I am sure this will take a bite out of our budget, but it is not optional. We can now drink the water from our well without worry. We might even save some money if we like the taste of our well water, since we have been buying our drinking water since we moved into this house.

Attila also replaced the rusty faucet on the bathroom sink. It was a bottom of the line unit when it was new, more than thirty years ago. It did not wear its age well at all. We found a relatively inexpensive, attractive and practical faucet, when we were visiting Harriet and Hogan. What a difference the new faucet makes! Luxury!

Thank goodness we have come to a point where we can focus on the "little things" that make life more comfortable.

Luna, Janus and the grandchildren have returned from their vacation in Florida. Terra and Lares are bound for Massachusetts with friends for a fun weekend in the snow?!? Terra is loving her course and doing very well; we are very happy for her.

Last night Caitrìona surprised me by appearing on the screen via Skype. Goodness, it was good to see her face again! Last night she arrived back in Ontario from Florida, making the trip by car and driving all by herself. Like her father before her, she is full of energy and independence; gotta love her!

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