November 26, 2008

Beets then Turnips



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Living Local
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Environment Canada Weather
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It is snowing heavily out there again. The snow plow has been through, and the garbage truck.

I scooted out to gather up the empty garbage cans and became mesmerized by the white silence. After standing perfectly still for ten minutes, I heard and felt a deep whooshing. A large black crow, or perhaps it was a raven, flew overhead. Each beat of its' wings became a palpable wave that entered into my ears and resonated into my core. Magical.

The plough had left a few feet of wet snow across the end of the driveway. When I brought the garbage cans up the drive to place them against the wall of the lean-to, the snow shovel caught my eye. Without thinking, I grabbed it and headed down the driveway. I shoveled until Attila came driving up the road. I had cleared the entire entrance for him so that he could access the driveway. It is a wonderful feeling, to be able to see a job that needs doing and to see it through to completion. I smiled at Attila as I walked up the drive towards him. I was covered with snow, bundled up in my parka and felt like a million bucks.

I did overdo it though. My back has partially seized. Now I have to take special care to give the swelling an opportunity to heal naturally. Oh, dear, this means I have to curl up with a good book!

Last week it was beets. This week it will be turnips.

Henry and Em gave us the last vegetables from their garden, the ones they would have fed to the cows. That was months ago. We have been enjoying the squash, beets and turnip from their garden ever since.

The beets cooked up very nicely in the pressure cooker. We have been eating them with hot/sweet mustard. I ate the last of them yesterday for lunch.

This morning I am steaming peeled and cubed turnip. Attila and I like turnip. I will however, peruse the internet in search of tasty ways to serve turnip; if only for the sake of variety.

Tonight we will eat the last of the vegetarian burgers that I found in the freezer. Soon I'll dive back into the freezer to rummage and sort through our stores. I imagine I will find a few more geriatric offerings before the job is done. We will make the most of them.

I tried to print the first draft of the genealogy book I've been working on. The printer died. Not my new one, it works a treat. No, the printer that died was purchased in, well lets see, was it 1998? It is an old Epson 740. There have been issues with this printer ever since I first plugged it into the electrical outlet. I've kept it going all this time through coddling and coaxing and patience. Not today. No amount of coddling is going to resurrect this printer. It ground and moaned and then complained loudly. It was as if it was saying "Please release me, let me go..." I will; let it go that is.

Now I must contemplate how to cheaply produce a draft copy of my book. The nearest establishment with printing facilities, at least the nearest one I know of, is a one hour drive from home. We are challenged to get out to the grocery store, so I don't think a trip to the print shop is feasible.

I hate to print it on my new printer because the printer cartridges are around $50 each. The cartridge I have must be conserved.

It will just have to wait, for better weather or a financial windfall, whichever comes first. I am putting my bet on the better weather scenario.

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"Di first ting dat really cause me fi mek me decision is di story a me madda life. It mek me vex and it mek me sad. It shame Mama so much dat she couldn't disclose notten to me..."
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