July 2, 2006

Day of Grace



Here are a few of my favorite online haunts:
[This is the site I visit to fantasize about living in Toronto again, which is almost every single day during the winter]

Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
[This is where I visit in the morning, when I need a positive spin on things past, present and future.]

Living Local
[This is where I go to see what Canadians are up to, sometimes I even buy things from the businesses listed there.]

Environment Canada Weather
[This is the site I visit every morning, and before every road trip during the winter]

The weather this weekend is grand. The sun is shining, the humidity is low, clouds drift across the sky and a stiff breeze penetrates even the most sheltered grotto.

Yesterday, Saturday, Attila had the day off. We decided to pick strawberries at a local pick-your-own farm. We dressed, packed water and trail mix into the backpack and set out early in the morning. However, our plans were not meant to meet with success. We had travelled only a kilometer down the road when ahead of us the way was blocked by red trucks, a white ambulance and flashing lights. The charred remains of an SUV lay flattened on it's roof in the middle of the road. Firemen were hosing down areas to either side.

We didn't think twice about it, we turned our little car around and went home. The rest of the day found us reflecting on how very lucky we are.

We were in the village grocery today, picking up a bag of milk. I asked the woman bagging the items if she knew what had happened on the home road yesterday. She had heard about the incident, and from what she understood no one was seriously hurt. She also heard that it might have been a bear that caused the mishap. I wonder if it is the same fellow who tore the siding off our back shed!

Today we set out early, once again. This time the ride was uneventful. Yesterday we had thought to pick strawberries at a local farm, but they are closed on Sundays, so our window of opportunity was lost. Today we headed for an area of barren rock, where several weeks ago we had seen a bounty of unripe blueberries. The season is just beginning, and although there were few ripe berries we managed to pick several quarts in just over an hour.

The mosquitoes were present, I was bitten only once. However, the deer flies were numerous and fierce in their determination to dine on human flesh. One needed to keep a hand available at all times for self defense.

Picking berries is an activity I treasure. My grandmother used to take me out to pick wild strawberries, wild blueberries, wild blackberries, wild raspberries and wild low-bush cranberries. After our excursions she would put fresh wood in the wood stove and begin pie preparations. It was usually left to me to wash the fruit and remove the stems and insects inevitably collected with the fruit.

When we arrived home from our berry picking excursion today, Attila set to work on his special recipe for blueberry pancakes. How wonderful!

The rest of our day is passing quietly. Attila has the sheeting on the roof of the new porch, and has applied enough tarpaper to keep the water out until the metal roofing goes on. I am puttering about with little niggling jobs that are easily forgotten, like washing my winter parka. The breeze makes drying cloths on the line highly effective.

It is a day of grace

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A breezy day.

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Hammer and saw and wind in the trees.

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