October 25, 2002

Same old me...



Here are a few of my favorite online haunts:
[This is the site I visit to fantasize about living in Toronto again, which is almost every single day during the winter]

Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
[This is where I visit in the morning, when I need a positive spin on things past, present and future.]

Living Local
[This is where I go to see what Canadians are up to, sometimes I even buy things from the businesses listed there.]

Environment Canada Weather
[This is the site I visit every morning, and before every road trip during the winter]

During his last visit, Steve Paul took several snapshots of me in the front garden. Yesterday copies arrived in my mailbox. Although the images hardly portray a vision of lithe fashion, they please me. I have one propped just below the computer screen. The way I am standing for the camera, decked in overalls and t-shirt, and the look on my face, remind me very much of the pictures taken of me as a young child. In essence, I have not changed. I liked me then, and I like me now.

It has been a busy week. Attila has never owned a sports jacket. Really! To tell the truth, I had not noticed. With a wedding reception to attend tomorrow, he had decided to take the plunge and make the purchase. On Tuesday night, off we went to a local clothier for men.

We looked around, and he chose a jacket from the rack based on fabric pattern and color. The salesman, who "rubbed me the wrong way" from the first instant he came near us, proved to be very helpful. Within no time, he had helped Attila choose a similar jacket to the one chosen, with the correct fit and style. It looked wonderful on Attila. Attila has very long arms, so the sleeves needed alteration. Last night we picked up the altered jacket, and now we are ready for the party on Saturday night.

Meeting for a chat and coffee is one of life's little pleasures. This past week I had the good fortune to meet with special friends on two occasions. These women both possess a powerful intellect and integrity, a rare combination of qualities. What I enjoy most is that, although they both possess these remarkable characteristics, they are entirely different people with entirely different personal politics. They do not know one another, nor do I think they would necessarily enjoy each other's company. I certainly enjoy their company, very much.

I have been very busy with this new operating system on Marjory. OSX Jaguar is a UNIX based GUI (graphical user interface). Apple's GUI has always been easy to work with, the new one takes a little getting used to, but not a lot.

The real appeal is the UNIX operating system lurking in the background. I have been making forays into Terminal, playing with the command line interface. I fear it will never feel like my "native" environment, but it is fun to learn.

In addition to learning about the command line interface, I have been playing with one program that has been on my wish list for quite a while. Apache is a web server used by many web hosts, and now I can play with it on my own computer. There is a steep learning curve of course; luckily, I have plenty of time. Since I am still quite new to this, I take no chances on attracting unwanted company, and unplug the Internet connection from the wall while I experiment.

The kitchen is beckoning again. I have just baked a loaf of seed bread. There was a cup or so whole cranberry sauce leftover from Thanksgiving, so I added it to the cooked apple filling while making Apple Squares. The verdict is not in yet; Attila is not yet home to provide the taste test.

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