August 8, 2001

Luna and Janus get married.



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Several times I have sat down to write, the words pouring raw and sweet. Each of these entries has been discarded as harboring temporary feelings and partially formed visions. So much has happened in the last few weeks and so much has yet to unfold.

Luna's wedding day arrived, picture perfect. I know I am biased, but I do believe that Luna was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, and Janus the happiest groom. The ceremony took place at the private airfield and country home of friends. The setting was beautiful. The sun shone brightly. There were smiling people everywhere, reunions between seldom seen friends. I played my part, resplendent in the mother-of-the-bride dress, tottering about in tortuous but beautiful shoes, clutching my bouquets and sniffing at my corsage. In spite of myself I enjoyed every last second of my daughter's marriage.

I was lucky to share the day with Attila, his mother and stepfather, his daughter and her boyfriend, and my good friends Steve Paul, Auntie Mame, Carpe Diem and Hoover. There is something wonderful about sharing an occasion and ritual with those you love. Janus' large family is a warm, funny, and friendly group, and I do believe everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously.

The ceremony took place in a lovely garden; white chairs lined the aisle. The wedding invitations and programs repeated that this ceremony would be "where their dreams will take flight". A small plane, flown by a friend of the family, circled, dipped, and wrote their wishes in the sky. We waved, the pilot waved, and then he flew off into the distance as the limousine drew near.

The bride and her attendants arrived in a white limousine, walking through an arbor of tulle and white roses, down the aisle, and taking their places before the minister. Attila, in a tuxedo for the first and possibly the last time in his life, carefully escorted Luna to the waiting Janus, who watched her approach with a look intense and loving. It was a look that would bring tears to a mother's eye, and that is exactly what it did, to both mothers.

Photographs were taken in the garden, hundreds of photographs or so it seemed. Refreshments were served on the lawn, under a canopy. We chatted and laughed and enjoyed the beautiful weather, wildlife, and people.

The reception was held at a hotel banquet hall in a nearby city. The meal was very good by all accounts. Speeches followed the meal. Janus' brother had some very amusing things to say about the "Janus survival kit" he had assembled for Luna. This kit included a real gas mask... which Luna donned for photographs. Terra spoke of her admiration for her inspiring older sister.

Janus' mother read a vintage "advice to the bride" brochure which surely no one could ever have taken seriously, or could they? It was very funny. I expressed my gratitude that Luna had found someone with whom she was so well matched and proposed a toast to Janus' mother and father for a job well done.

Attila and I retired late, while the party carried on into the morning.

Luna and Janus will leave soon for a honeymoon in England.

Terra is up to her ears in unmentionable teenage behavior. Least said, soonest mended. I hope. I keep telling myself, "Remember to breathe!"

Since the wedding Attila has been taking every opportunity to indulge in his favorite pass time, sleep. I have joined him in this obsession. If we are not actively engaged in an activity, we are sleeping.

It does not help that the heat and humidity are almost unbearable. The thermometer outside my dining room window registered at 40 degrees centigrade today. We have had one death in Ontario due to the heat, a man died of heat stroke while working at a bakery. Conditions are more severe to the south of us, in the United States, where a greater number of fatalities have resulted from the high temperatures. Luckily, our home is air-conditioned and the indoor temperature is a cool 28 degrees centigrade, without humidity. For three days in a row, record high temperatures have been recorded in Ontario. Tomorrow we shall have more of the same, according to the weather people.

Attila and I sleep, we occasionally roll over. We are not done yet.

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