September 30, 2000

A Grain of Sand and a Distant Star



Here are a few of my favorite online haunts:
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Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
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Living Local
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I would not have followed him anywhere, but I would have considered it. This I could say of only one man who lived during my lifetime. Pierre Elliot Trudeau died the afternoon of Thursday, September 28. Yesterday I stood with my government in one minute of silence to honor a man I never met but will always admire. He was ruthless in combat, compassionate in conquest. Privileged birth is rarely mixed with internal integrity, vision, a sharp intellect, joy, and the capacity to experience empathy for those other than one's peers; and yet these qualities came together in one man, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

It is sunny again today and fairly mild, a cool summery day although it is now officially autumn. I have been getting out for my walk very early these last few days because it is still almost cold that early in the day. As I stand locking my door in the early morning sunshine, I can see my breath in great white puffs. I can comfortably wear my Cowichan Sweater until I arrive back at my own door. The season of dripping sweat and steamy glasses has ended for another year.

This weather is perfect in my estimation. The afternoons are a pleasant twenty-one degrees Celsius in the shade and toasty warm if sitting in the sun. The nights are clear and cool, near freezing but not cold enough to bring down the frost. Perfect for leaving the window open a crack and sleeping under a grand, soft eiderdown. This kind of weather turns the apples red and makes them sweet.

"The Teenager" arose before 6:30 a.m. this morning and we were en route to a fellow Cheerleader's home before 7:00 a.m. so that she could help at the fundraising yard sale. A Teacher does not supervise the Cheerleading Team this year; the Teachers are at loggerheads with the Ontario Government and extracurricular activities have been greatly reduced or disappeared from the schools. The girls are struggling along by themselves, helped out by a few volunteer parents. "The Teenager" called back before 8:00 a.m. asking to come home. She was the only team member to show up, the sale was cancelled.

Considering the tax funds the School Boards in Canada have at their command, I feel this situation is deplorable. It is entertaining to watch those more powerful than myself point accusing fingers at one another and engage in expensive, showy displays of antler clashing. I am not interested in what or who is to blame, our economic/power structures, Premier Harris, the Teachers, the Union; one might debate that endlessly. One thing I do know: the process and the parties involved are not working well together. I would love to send the thousands of dollars that come out of my pocket for education to parties more committed to the well being of the students.

It all comes down to money, down being the operative word.

Where do people fit into Economic Theory and Policy? Look for references to the impact of theory and policy on the life of the average Canadian in the well-respected and highly influential Economic works by Courchene. Publicly funded University Libraries will provide the public access to view these works (the last time I checked), though usually not to borrow them. You may be able to obtain them through Interlibrary Loan at your local Public Library or be able to pay for copies made. These works are a must read for anyone interested in Canadian Economic and Public Policy.

Well, enough of my apolitical opinions on Theory, Economics, and Political Process and enough about local politics. I am heading for the kitchen where I will combine raw materials to produce a value-added product for consumption. It is time for lunch.

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