May 29, 2000

A Visit to the ROM



Here are a few of my favorite online haunts:
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Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
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Living Local
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Environment Canada Weather
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Blue Columbine

The weather was mild rather than cool today. The sun shone, the breeze blew, and I watched from the window.

I did spend some time out of doors; I washed the car. Attila brought me a washing device that screws into the end of the garden hose. The handle is hollow with a cap, for the soap. The end of the device is a soft wide brush that gently rubs the car clean as the water and soap flow from it. It works a treat. The car was shining, for five minutes, until the bird above it, annoyed by the shine, whitewashed the finish. The car is no longer clean. I may wash it again tomorrow.

Now that the spirea and dogwood blooms are spent, the garden is not as colorful as it was. The green expanse is broken by the swaying stands of blue columbine. I grabbed my camera, and my new lenses, and set off into the garden to take some photographs. The wind was blowing again today. I could not keep those swaying blooms in focus, try as I might.

The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) opened a new exhibit this past week. We have purchased memberships and so hopped on the bus to make a day of it. The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms "presents a dazzling array of objects ranging from paintings and textiles to ceramic tiles, metalwork, books, decorative arts and photography, which will attest to the flourishing of the traditional arts during Sikh rule in Punjab, and thereafter." (ROM)

The exhibit began with a display of works of art describing the origins of the Sikh religion. The focus of this belief system, as I understood it, is humility, compassion, and equality. The remainder of the exhibit focused on male pageantry, opulence, and warfare. I detected one small tribute to the equality for females; one of the gurus appointed two females to religious office. Females were entirely absent from the images and stories presented, with that one exception. The exhibit ended by presenting a slide presentation about Sikh Canadians.

There were three distinct segments to this exhibit. First the presentation of the humble origins of the belief system. Second the male opulence of Sikh rule in the Punjab. Third, the truly compassionate looking Sikh Canadians portrayed in the slide show.

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