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Ghost Busters  
By Maggie Turner  


Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Ghost Busters

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I prefer the common, no-name variety of demon. There it is, sitting directly in front of you where you can keep an eye on it. There is always the possibility of rape, murder, tornado, and cancer, to name just a few worrisome things. These demons are always up front and honest in their intrusion on one's peace of mind. Every newspaper and newscast provides them with an audience. And we watch.

The kinds of demons I really fear are the ones that dwell in the depths of my own psyche. They are the silent harbingers of self-doubt and lost hope. They are the demons that catch me by surprise because they sneak up on me from behind. They are the invisible motivators that render my logic and actions indecipherable by others. They are the original creators of the "divide and conquer" strategy, readily able to "tear one apart". They are the "they" of everyday life.

I caught them out this time though. The sun is shining and there they were, plain as day, caught in the light reflected from a newly bloomed dandelion in the lawn. The white cherry blossoms that surround the cardinal on the branch above my head silhouette their shadowy forms. Once visible, their power to disrupt is hindered. No longer able to depend on stealth and surprise they must face the light of the heart and the mind. Because defeat is inevitable, they retreat to gather strength until they are forgotten, and can safely strike from behind again.

Attila left the house before I awakened this morning. Spring is a very busy time for him, so much to do helping the plants he tends get off to a good start. So much depends on the weather. If the wind holds he will probably be home before dark. On a calm day, he sometimes works until the last light fails. Attila says he dreams about sleep in his sleep during these busy times.

The crockpot is a wonderful way to keep a meal ready to be eaten "who knows when". In it, I try to prepare meals that will yield leftovers so that Attila can take a hot lunch with him the next day. One of the crockpots holds Honey Mustard Pork Chops, I know there will be no leftovers with this dish. Therefore, in another, I prepare chicken soup. There is also a loaf of multigrain bread in the bread machine, for his lunches this week. With such an appreciative audience and wonderful electronic toys, cooking and baking are fun.


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