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Male Fashion  
By Maggie Turner  


Thursday, April 20, 2000

Male Fashion

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Rain! The weather forecast for our area predicted "gutter flood" showers. They were accurate. I had to drive to an appointment today and in some places the roads were flooded (about four inches deep). The skies opened and poured down buckets as the schools let out and I passed huddled and soaked children all the way home. When I arrived home I found a trail of discarded wet clothing leading to my office where "The Teenager" sat enraptured in front of the computer monitor. She was wearing a dry tracksuit so she must have made a trip to her bedroom to get dressed. This trip did not include picking up any of the sodden items of clothing along her route; I will have to remind her to do it. It seems my fate in life to fill the atmosphere with statements of the obvious.

Green! The grass is green. The buds on the trees are green. It is turning green out there in the world. The temperature is still hovering around ten degrees centigrade. It may be wet and green out there, but it is not warm. I will stay in here until the temperature is as attractive as the scenery.

There was a knock on my door a few minutes ago; it was the teenage girl from next door. In she came and immediately excited screeching and laughing came from the family room. Curious, I listened to see what all the excitement was about. The girl next door had just received her first email message, from "The Teenager". Suddenly she finds the Internet fascinating. "The Teenager" has been talked into going over to give her lessons on how to use the Internet. Girls just want to have fun.

If only "The Teenager" could apply the same degree of focus on homework. I can dream.

While I am thinking about "The Teenager" and her friends I must make record of a curious personal hygiene development amongst the younger crowd. It seems that boys are shaving their legs! Apparently this practice is gaining in popularity of late. I would have known nothing about it if it had not been for Curtis. You see Curtis was one of the teenagers who visited our house on Tuesday evening. Curtis was the only teenage male in attendance and was enjoying quite a bit of attention. He was enjoying himself so much that he allowed three laughing teenage girls to shave his legs. There he was with his pants rolled up to his knees and feet in the tub while the three girls applied soap and razors. A good time was had by all. When the deed was done Curtis came into the living room to show off his naked legs. We gave him the thumbs up, what a guy.


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