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A Small-Scale Day

By Maggie Turner

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

A Small-Scale Day


What was I doing four years ago today? I have no idea. I looked through my junk drawer and could not find the 1996 Calendar. It will remain a mystery.

What I did today was telephone the bank. The last day of February is the last day to purchase your 1999 RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan). At first, I was confused by the repeated busy signals at the other end of the line. After finally getting through all I could come into contact with was an answering machine. I left a message bright and early but my call was not returned. My mid-afternoon I was wising up to the critical financial situation in the banks today. They are not going to waste their time today on non-essential (non-RRSP) transactions. Tomorrow the rush will be over and my bank will return my call with pleasure. It was a bad day to try to do business at the bank. What was I thinking?

Today I decided to get organized. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I decided to organize the files and information on my hard drive. Yikes, what a hodge-podge. I have been stashing bits of information in files and stuffing them in folders for several years. Lately I have been frustrated knowing that I have information on a certain topic, but not being able to find it in the chaos. No longer! I renamed files, sorted URLs, created lists and directories, and just had a real good time making things neat and tidy. Most of my bits and pieces are now stored in a searchable Scrapbook. Now, if only I can maintain this order as I collect new bits of information. This remains to be seen; my record of accomplishment is not good.

I am sometimes obsessive, or so it seems to me, and today I was obsessed with digital order. Chaos has been conquered on a very minute scale and for a very short time. I feel happy about that. This much control of the universe I will accept and enjoy. More control or control over greater things would only frighten and cause distress. Lucky for me I was not born into wealth or royalty. I can freely content myself with the smallness that I enjoy so much. The tortured paths of ambition are not for my humble feet.

After such a satisfyingly small-scale day, I find that Attila has prepared an excellent meal. On Sunday last he spent the afternoon preparing a roast turkey dinner. We enjoyed the meal immensely and the leftovers on Monday night were delicious. Tonight it is turkey again, but this time in an "impossible pie", that is a pie made with biscuit mix rather than with flaky pastry. I can smell it as I type away on the laptop. Food is wonderful and offers enjoyment in the anticipation, execution, and reminiscence of a meal. Good, all round fun!


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