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Everything is Dripping

By Maggie Turner

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Everything is Dripping


Everything is dripping, everything outside the house that is. The temperature has risen above the freezing point and the snow is melting slowly away. We even had a short heavy rainfall. I am diligently telling myself that the cold weather will be back. I am trying to keep the elation of spring fever at bay, for what goes up must come down.

I have been developing a web site for someone and enjoying myself a great deal. The project progresses in fits and starts and looks better all the time. The first stages were tedious in that the basic structures had to be constructed, pages created and code written. Then the fun started, adding graphics and tweaking things here and there to improve the visual effect. Hours go by without my noticing.

The high school called today, twice. The first call came from the secretary in the main office. "The Teenager's" thumb had a close and unhappy encounter with a basketball during gym class. The thumb was swelling and they feared it was broken. Off she and I went to the doctors office. After she was x-rayed, we purchased a tension bandage to protect her hand until the results come back. The second call was from her long-suffering math teacher; it was kind of her to call. If only "The Teenager" cared as much about her marks as the math teacher does!

They say in real estate that the most important feature of a house is location, location, and location. It must be the same for suet feeders. The birds ignored it completely. It was hung just outside the kitchen window where we could enjoy watching the visitors; there were no visitors. Attila moved the feeder to the backyard this evening. The windows at the back of our house are high; I have to stand on my toes to look outside. Fortunately birds do not seem susceptible to exhibitionism; the absence of my gaze will go unnoticed.


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