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Storm on the Way

By Maggie Turner

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Storm on the Way


Aha! MY pen is back! "The Teenager" did not have MY pen. I asked her if she took MY pen and she emphatically inquired as to why she would do such a thing. It was not in the laundry hamper or beside the telephone in the kitchen. Apparently Attila needed a pen, a pencil stub just would not do. He borrowed MY pen, put it in his pocket, and took it out again while he was rummaging about in his studio, set it down and completely forgot about it. I asked him if he took it, he smiled and said, "Wait a minute." When he returned from his studio, he handed over MY pen. He also informed me that he is not a "ruthless kleptomaniac", he is a "forgetful kleptomaniac". Accuracy is important to Attila.

The weather is still cold and we are expecting another storm tomorrow. We have cold. We have snow. Whatever happened to global warming? Until this month, we were ahead on our heating bills. We are on an equal payment plan. We may owe the gas company money by the end of the month.

I have been busy all day with tables, codes, and spellcheckers. I quit before ten o'clock. It does not pay to overextend oneself when dealing with computers. Stupid mistakes can be costly and time consuming. After ten o'clock, I am often stupid. It is important to know when to quit. In fact, Attila has just headed down the hall in the direction of our nice warm bed. Being a follower works for me.


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