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Just one of those days...

By Maggie Turner

Janurary 13, 2000

Just one of those days...

I have been visiting today, visiting my good friend Auntie Mame. I trudged through today's new snow the mile or more to her house. I arrived at her house red cheeked, stamping the snow from my boots at the front door; we exchanged hugs and kisses, smiles and hellos. We have been friends for many years, for me these have been the important years of my adult life. We share a history. She knows me well; I know her. We know each other's darkness, each other's light. It is not often that we visit with one another and even more precious for that.

Auntie Mame is a Chef by trade, a good one. She has owned restaurants; she has prepared food in fine restaurants owned by others. Auntie Mame is also a published writer of erotica and an artist working in various mediums. Her home is an emporium of original art pieces and collectibles. Not only does a visit with Auntie Mame offer the opportunity for intelligent conversation; it allows me to spend time with a loving, empathetic and wise friend. I dearly hope that she gains as much as I do from our time together.

Today another trip to the shopping mall was scheduled, to purchase a new pair of blue jeans for "The Teenager". To me, shopping in a mall is less desirable than a trip to the dentist. However, it is occasionally necessary, as it was today. My hopes were high entering the first store. Perhaps this would be the one, the establishment offering the perfect pair. Alas, it was not until we had spent a considerable amount of time in the third store that the desired item revealed itself. Relief! Home again! I think that, once the teenager has flown the nest, I will be one of those people who embrace online shopping.

Attila has just come up with a helpful tip to improve my journal entries. He thinks I should always include a tall skinny picture and put the text either side of it. Because the reader would have to read the sentence across the picture, attention to the picture would be ensured. He feels this would be a great way to make sure the images get the attention they deserve. I'm thinking about it. Attila has no respect for computers.

The day's fun filled activities have left me exhausted; an early night is in order.


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