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The Christmas Hockey Puck and Martha Stewart

By Maggie Turner

December 23, 1999

The Christmas Hockey Puck and Martha Stewart

Child's Homemade Santa DecorationI'm up to it again, baking that is. This time it is Russian Kulich (sweet bread) and it is in the kitchen rising as I write. Motivation to try holiday bread baking again was provided by Attila and "The Teenager", who consumed the "Christmas Hockey Puck" which was intended to be a loaf of Panetone. Yes the Puck is gone, every last crumb. The Panetone (alias Puck) was flavored with molasses and anise; the Kulich is almond flavored.

My Christmas Puddings and Christmas Cakes received a healthy dousing with rum today in preparation for the beginning of the festivities tomorrow night. As I write this I am thinking about eggnog, I love eggnog. Perhaps there is still time today...

We have snow! It snowed last night and we are having a small flurry at this very moment. The down side to all this is that the sky has been overcast the last few days and we are not able to see the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime-large, full moon. Perhaps tonight a portal of clear sky will give us the moon.

I saw Martha Stewart on TV. I was filled with overwhelming pity. I hesitate to reveal our festive Christmas décor; jealousy could bring out the worst in Martha. Our decorations are hand made by elves dedicated to our personal tastes and pleasures. There is a secret and invisible ingredient in each hand made decoration in our home that is missing from Martha's designs. Luckily Martha is blissfully unaware of its existence and its value. Those of us lucky enough to have our own dedicated elves will quietly keep the secret.


Child's Wreath Decoration

The floors are throbbing to the beat of music I'm familiar with yet not. "The Teenager" has a friend here for a sleepover. They have moved from the family room to the kitchen. Clanking pots and shrieks of laughter signal that food preparation is underway. Sudden silence signals that the food has been transported to the family room where it is actively being consumed. Soon the music will resume; they are having fun.

The Christmas tree lights are soft. The only other light in the room is from small lamp in the corner. The girls are sitting at the computer laughing at dancing gerbils. Attila is puttering with his stuff. I am sitting alone in the soft light. I will sit here quietly enjoying the sounds of happiness. In a moment I will get up and continue my Christmas preparations, in a moment.



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