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Stepping Out

By Maggie Turner

December 4, 1999

Stepping Out

We don't venture forth from our hearth and home often. Last night we broke with tradition, washed our faces and set out into the world. Our destination was an old warehouse in the downtown core of "The City" that has been transformed into studios and apartments. Three local artists have combined efforts, rented a studio in the warehouse and opened it up as a gallery. Last night was the grand opening of that gallery; the show included the work of many artists.

That in itself would not have coaxed us from our easy chairs. It just so happened that one of the artists who displayed her work is the suma of an old and dear friend of mine. Since he and his gal do not live in "The City", we don't see them very often. She had come to display her art at the gallery and he had come to provide live entertainment and promote his new CD, Wall of Illusion.

I met Steve Paul Simms on June 13, 1987. The day was sunny, breezy and pleasant. There were a lot of people at the BBQ that day; I knew only one, the hostess. The event was a "release party" for a new album by a Canadian musician. It was a happy day for Steve Paul; he had just entered into a relationship with a wonderful woman. They were full of laughter, sunlight and each other; they have since moved into new relationships (with other wonderful people) and have both become dear friends. That day turned out to be a turning point in my life. My heart holds the place, the time and the people dear.


 Steve Paul Simms

Steve Paul is an enigmatic character, quiet, observant and unusually kind. Over the years I have watched his talent grow and mature. The CD is a tribute to his talent and his complex and compelling personality.

Attila sleeps more than any other human I have ever met. He loves to sleep. He has a photograph taken when he was around 18 months old; in it he is valiantly attempting to break into the crib. If I really, really want to make him happy, all I have to do is suggest having a nap. If I really, really want to annoy him, all I have to do is tickle him while he is asleep. Life can be so simple.

Today Attila slept three hours longer than I did. Early this afternoon he hid away and had a little nap. Tonight he will fall asleep before I close my eyes. I envy him his ability to sleep; I certainly don't share it. I have a lot of time to myself to consider the matter.

Attila has a second love and that is cooking. He loves to cook; I love him to cook. When we were first together it was difficult for me to stay out of his way. I had always been totally responsible for putting meals on the table and suddenly I was out of job. Slowly but surely Attila has taken over the kitchen, arranging things just the way he likes them.

My response to the freedom from preparing the daily meal has been to take up baking. I bake bread; multigrain bread, sweet bread, pumpernickel bread, raisin bread, rye bread, chocolate chip bread and the list goes on. I bake squares and pies and crumbles. I bake cookies and muffins and coffeecakes. I bake and bake and bake. Since we started living together, both Attila and I have put on a few pounds and we have enjoyed every ounce.

As I sit here there are two Christmas puddings steaming in slowcookers, a freshly baked loaf of bread is cooling on the kitchen table and the aroma of spicy beef taco filling is becoming a distraction. It doesn't take a lot of excitement to make me completely happy. Attila and I consider ourselves well provided for in this quiet life we lead.


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