A Perfect Weekend

Not everyone gets along with the ex-husbands/wives. My first marriage was more than regrettable. I don’t hold a grudge, but I also don’t want to spend time with people who make me unhappy. My ex, and his ex, and his other ex, and his current wife all make me unhappy. I bit the bullet for Terra’s wedding, and attended, even though my ex also attended with his current wife. There was civility. He took videos of me from the other side of the dance floor, thinking he wasn’t noticed. Totally creepy. So, when Terra said she was having a huge first birthday party for Sunny and Sky on Saturday, and asked if it was OK with me if she invited my ex and his wife, I said yes, if we weren’t at the party at the same time. I agreed to come early, and leave early, to accommodate his schedule. I did this for Terra, as she said it meant a lot to her to have him there. Terra let me know on Thursday that he had decided to come early to help them setup, and to stay late, attending all the hours of the party. I told her we … Continue reading

Unusual People

Attila and I are unusual people, in that we share relatively few reference points with other people, least of all the points of reference that many people incorrectly assume are universally shared. Attila shares more points of reference with the mainstream than I do, which enables him to pass a bit more peacefully through the world. Attila has a real feel for what people are comfortable hearing, and it takes little effort for him to sort through reality to pick and choose the things they want to hear. He pays a price for that though, because those points of reference are not necessarily those he feels are in tune with his personal beliefs. It is a messed up world. I do not have to face the crisis of beliefs, because those common reference points are few indeed for me, and it is such an horrendous amount of work to decipher what people are comfortable hearing, that I don’t even try. I have a completely different set of reference points, ones that are unseen by those who do not share them, but are nevertheless solidly based on and in reality. Attila and I share some common reference points, and this allows … Continue reading

Unwelcome Visitor

Last night we took a drive out to the Rideau Camp. It was lovely and sunny when we left, just after Attila got home from work. In the distance there were towering cloud formations, billowing up into the blue sky. Introducing Grace, our new old travel trailer, a 2001 5th Wheel, which now resides at the Rideau Camp. She will make our visits to the Camp much more comfortable, and allow us to visit overnight from early May until late October.

Here We Go Again!

We contemplated building a shed at the camp this summer. The one we built at Mist Cottage took up the entire summer last summer. The thought of spending another summer building a shed gave us pause. We considered buying a shipping container to store things in at the camp. It would need some work to make it function the way we would like it to. We looked at larger old travel trailers as an inexpensive possibility for storage. After one year of thinking it all over, we bought a big, old, well travelled, used travel trailer. It offered us the most “bang for our buck”, so to speak. We found one that had a few of the features we were looking for. Aluminium frame construction, because wood rots, and moisture seems an inevitable problem with travel trailers as they age, an important factor when you are buying old trailers. It has a fibreglass exterior, we already own a 1977 fibreglass trailer, a 14 foot Triple E Surfside, and it is as fit as a fiddle. Fibreglass gives a trailer longevity. It has decent insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling, so that the camping season can be extended into the … Continue reading

Long Weekend

We had a lovely Victoria Day long weekend. On Friday night we made a pizza from scratch, low-sodium, low-cholesterol of course, and watched a film on Netflix. On Saturday, the only sunny warmish day of the entire long weekend, we went to the Rideau Camp early in the morning and spent the day burning brush in the camp fire pit, and moving a bit of crushed stone. On Sunday it rained, so we stayed home, puttered around the house, and enjoyed a visit from Sister-The-Youngest-Girl and Beau Bob, who dropped in on their way home after attending a family function to the East of us. They dropped of a big bag of clothing my Mom bought for me, she is an amazing shopper! I have numerous new summer blouses, a summer dress, two new sweat shirt jackets, and lots of new pairs of pants. I am enjoying trying things on, and so far everything fits. On Monday it was cold and wet out of doors, another good day to stay in our nice warm house, rather than working outside at the Rideau Camp. Domestic chores aren’t boring to us, but they are repetitive. Cooking for the week to come, we … Continue reading