Carrot Muffins

The sun was shining again this morning. The light breeze tickled the leaves, they laughed gently and cast frivolity across the living room floor. It was cool, which was refreshing after the recent spell of heat and humidity. Clouds appeared on the blue canvas above, they slowly coloured the sky grey as the day wore on. A quiet day is developing. A few days ago I made chili, for dinner that night, and some to freeze in mason jars, two servings in each jar, to enjoy as quick suppers at the Rideau Camp. Dishes like chili lend themselves to the adventurous use of food odds and ends, things found in the refrigerator that will go bad soon, if they are not used up. The recent chili included onions from an older bag of onions that had been sitting far too long waiting for inclusion in a recipe, and part of an older bag of carrots. The bag of onions was emptied into a large metal bowl, all of the soft onions were separated into another metal bowl for the compost, and the remaining sound onions were either used for the chili, or stored in the vegetable crisper in the refrigerator. … Continue reading


My niece is getting married this weekend, at a resort near my sister’s cottage. My two sisters, and my Mom, are pretty excited, and are leaving for the cottage for the celebration this morning. I have wished them well. Attila and I, and my brothers, were not invited, for the weekend, or to the wedding, and so are not attending. Yesterday all of the crocheted cotton projects were subjected to a process to set the dye, according to instructions found on the internet. The first crocheted wash cloths faded after a few washings, so hopefully this will keep the other items, wash cloths, kitchen towels, beanies, colourful through many washings. Because there were severe storms in Ontario over last weekend, on Monday evening we decided to take a jaunt out to the Rideau Camp to check on Grace The Trailer. Funny how suddenly the Camp is a place we need to consider when the weather gets nasty, demonstrating once again that what you own, owns you. The evening was fine, sunny with a light breeze, and warm but not hot. We found that all was well with Grace The Trailer. Attila brought his chain saw and continued to section the … Continue reading

Shame and Responsibility

Yesterday was cloudy, hot, and muggy. We decided to stay home for the weekend, and tackle small projects around the house. My projects included paying bills, collecting items on the list of things to take out to the Rideau Camp on the next visit, and crocheting water balloons. Attila’s projects yesterday included planting the squash and the scarlet runner beans, weeding the garden, and installing a lattice screen across the end of the back porch, for privacy from the road. The fir tree used to provide adequate privacy, but the bottom branches have died back since we had the basement perimeter dug up to waterproof the basement, and the water main leak was repaired by the municipality, just too much change for the tree. Today I am remembering my greatest shame. It is an incident from my early years, Grade One or Two, and the only person who called it was my teacher, bless her heart. Her response to my unkindness to another human being, performed to impress the clique of small town girls, for their approval, set me on the social path I have followed ever since. I don’t remember the details of the incident very clearly any more, … Continue reading

Seeing The Light

The big adventure of the day began when my glasses fell to the floor. Out popped the left lens. I need my glasses. I phoned Costco, they said they would try to put the lens back in for me, no charge, and were quite pleasant on the telephone. It is 40 km drive to Costco, not ideal. The attempt to fix the glasses myself began with trying to find my glasses repair tools. They have not been used since the move, almost two years ago. The search spanned two hours, and was finally abandoned. A small screwdriver that came with the sewing machine, and the matching brush, were fished out of the sewing equipment. The light was inadequate for the job. The only available working glasses were quite old, and not as helpful as they were when new. It seemed the time to setup the magnifying lamp, purchased many years ago. To setup the magnifying lamp the desk where it would be attached had to be cleared off. To clear off the desk the front bedroom needed to be organized so that the items on the desk could be put away. First the room was organized, then the desk was … Continue reading

Things People Say

Pleasantries, thank goodness people use them. The things people say in superficial interaction are often pleasant, and meaningless. These pleasantries are the social lubricant that keeps us all getting along together after a fashion; but you can’t eat lubricating oil, it does not sustain life, and although it makes social interaction possible, it does nothing for the soul, or the mind. My social interactions, for many, many, many years now, have consisted almost entirely of pleasantries. Social interaction has become meaningless to me, as for the most part it offers nothing of substance. At the country house, living amidst the affluent consumer junkies, pleasantries had an edge, where people defended their privilege, and insisted on status recognition, very tiresome and extremely boring. At Mist Cottage people are busy living their lives, and being respectful of one another, it is a refreshing change. There are people here that preen and look down long noses at others, but they are a minority and easy enough to ignore, easy enough to let them try to impress each other, leaving the rest of us to get on with out lives. Beautiful things people have said to me, that is a theme I decided to … Continue reading