Things People Say

Pleasantries, thank goodness people use them. The things people say in superficial interaction are often pleasant, and meaningless. These pleasantries are the social lubricant that keeps us all getting along together after a fashion; but you can’t eat lubricating oil, it does not sustain life, and although it makes social interaction possible, it does nothing for the soul, or the mind. My social interactions, for many, many, many years now, have consisted almost entirely of pleasantries. Social interaction has become meaningless to me, as for the most part it offers nothing of substance. At the country house, living amidst the affluent consumer junkies, pleasantries had an edge, where people defended their privilege, and insisted on status recognition, very tiresome and extremely boring. At Mist Cottage people are busy living their lives, and being respectful of one another, it is a refreshing change. There are people here that preen and look down long noses at others, but they are a minority and easy enough to ignore, easy enough to let them try to impress each other, leaving the rest of us to get on with out lives. Beautiful things people have said to me, that is a theme I decided to … Continue reading

Tree Felling At The Rideau Camp

What a beautiful weekend we had. Saturday and Sunday were bright and sunny and warm. On Friday evening we packed Tank and headed out to the Rideau Camp. Packing is now done from a list, and a running list is kept at both ends of our journey, one for items to take to the Camp, and one for items to bring back to Mist Cottage. Slowly Grace The Trailer is being outfitted so that few items besides clean clothing, food, and beverages will need to be brought with us. The evening at the Camp was spent organizing the items that had been packed. Although the temperature was cool Friday overnight, we were warm enough and slept well and comfortably. I awoke at dawn, just before the birds, and could hear the light rain that ended just as the birds began to call. By the time Attila awoke, and we breakfasted, the sky was blue and the sun was peeking over the ridge in the bush, filtering and sparkling through the raindrop laden leaves. Last weekend the lot preparations for placing Grace The Trailer began. Attila needed to fell eight 45 foot tall trees to clear the area where she will … Continue reading

Elliptical Life

This morning I am working on another dictated entry. I hope the program I am using will learn my speech patterns as well as I am learning its idiosyncrasies. I’m unaccustomed to speaking so quickly but I will get used to it. Another sunny day has dawned. When I looked out the window this morning the thermometer read 10°C. The temperature in the house dropped 1°C over the course of the night. We are cozy here, and will be even cozier when we get energy-efficient windows and doors. Those projects are off in the future, as this is not the year that we are spending a lot of money on infrastructure at Mist Cottage. I’m really enjoying Attila’s present work schedule. Morning is my favourite time of day. Attila and I arise early each morning, and Attila leaves for work early in the morning. My mornings are long and they fly by. I barely have time to notice that Attila is not here, before he is coming in the door with a happy greeting. Of course, I would prefer that Attila were here all the day long, and that is what he would prefer as well. Perhaps a time will … Continue reading


Wednesday June 7 Last night I decided to try the dictation function on my Macintosh computer. Years ago I experimented with dictation software and was very disappointed with the results. But this software works very well. I am pausing to add punctuation, but other than that there have been no problems. I am curious to see if this affects the way then I put words on the page. Typing with my hands with the devil way to connect with ideas and speaking. I am unaccustomed to speaking but I am very accustomed to typing out my thoughts on the keyboard. If this works out well it will be a boon for my hands how do I help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from developing. Getting used to the way the software works it’s a challenge. I have just discovered that if I don’t not week for the words to appear on the page and I tried to correct text appearing earlier in the paragraph the new dictated text will appear where are you been correcting the text. This is not desirable. Since 1996 I have spent little time expressing my thoughts verbally, there simply has been no one to talk … Continue reading


Yesterday the weather was miserable. It rained all day and it was cold to boot. This morning the sun rose and shines still. Although it is still sweater weather, it is beginning to warm. We visited Terra and Lares on Monday evening for a few hours, to share time with our Grandbabies Sunny and Sky, it was their first birthday. They are both doing very well, happy and healthy, and still a bit small for their age. Sunny, the girl, is a going concern, very active and engaged with the world around her. Sky, the boy, is laid back and mellow, and quick to grin, and oh what a smile. Sunny is almost walking, holding on to a push wagon for now, but not for long. Sky has no interest in standing, and is crawling when he sees something he wants to play with. They are so much fun! I lay on the floor with them the whole time we were there, they crawled around me, on me, and over me, what fun! It was a treat at the close of a dreary day. Terra tells me that Luna, Janus and their Grandbabies are staying in Paris at the moment. … Continue reading