Common Cold

I have a miserable cold! It comes with a mild fever, lots of leaky fluids, and malaise. My health matches the weather, snowed today, then rained, now windy and cold. Tucked up in a sweater, scarf, comfy bulky socks, and underneath the quilt my Mom made for me. Learning the double crochet stitch has turned out to be quite a challenge. With the help of another crocheter online, and Bex herself, I think I have it figured out. Having a low key project to take up occasionally when sick is a boon. It is the weekend at last. I can expect a wee bit of babying! Attila is planning a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for tomorrow, the last big oven meal of the season. Bread baking must also be undertaken during the next few days; and muffins need to be baked of course. Worldly Distractions Weather 3°C Date: 6:00 PM EDT Friday 7 April 2017 Condition: Cloudy Pressure: 100.2 kPa Tendency: Rising Temperature: 2.5°C Dew point: -2.4°C Humidity: 70% Wind: WNW 28 gust 37 km/h Visibility: 24 km Quote “I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for the truth; and truth rewarded … Continue reading

Green Grass

It has been raining since early this morning. The temperature is hovering around 5C, and has been all day. A glance out the kitchen window provides a welcome sight, the grass is turning green! It has been a very dreary day out there; a good day to stay cozy and warm inside Mist Cottage. Warmer weather will arrived next week, and that is when the outdoors will begin to hold real appeal. The genealogy book is slowly taking shape. Creating the layout for the tables and images is extremely time consuming. There are twelve children for whom there are documents and family photos, and at present the work is slowly slogging through the second child; ten more to go when this segment is done. Mom called this morning on FaceTime, it was delightful to hear from her. We chatted for quite a while, about this and that. It turned out that she did not mean to place the call, it happened by mistake when the wrong button was clicked. She was as surprised to see me as I was to see her! 🙂 Terra and Lares had a miserable common cold when they visited on Sunday, and now I have … Continue reading

First Trip To The Rideau Camp

11:50 am It is almost noon, and the first load of laundry of the season is out to dry on the line across the back porch. In the winter the laundry is dried on racks in the front bedroom, which has multiple benefits; it saves hydro and humidifies the air during the heating season. It has been a busy weekend and week so far. On Sunday last Terra and Lares brought Sunny and Sky for a little visit, since they were in town on errands and in the area. Terra had been keeping the babies close to home, for the most part, with few visitors, because their lungs are still catching up after having been born prematurely. She feels more comfortable now taking them out and about, as the season for some of the more dangerous conditions is over for the winter. The babies are still a wee bit small for their age, ten months old today. They are rosy and healthy and progressing as one would expect. Both babies sit up, and crawl. Sunny will actually pull herself up on chairs and grandma’s knee, and loves to walk around with the helping hands of loving adults. While they were … Continue reading

Another Pizza Night!

Another cold, but not freezing, grey, and rainy day out there today. March was a cloudy wet month, and April has begun in the same way. My pap smear yesterday was easier than the time I spent dreading it, thank goodness. It is behind me now. Attila and I do not feel inspired to outdoor activity today, the weather just isn’t nice enough. Soon that will change, very soon, as April warms towards May’s blooms. I am about to begin making a series of colour matched washcloths. I have completed three using the single crochet stitch, and now I will create one each with the half double crochet, the double crochet, and the triple crochet stitch. While I am doing this I am going to be learning to assess with more accuracy, the end of one row and the beginning of the next, and the front and back of a stitch so that I can insert the hood under the correct part of the stitch as I go along. One of the things already learned concerns closing a crochet circle, and preventing the chain from twisting. I discovered that I cannot prevent twisting of the chain visually, the correct edge … Continue reading


Today, this afternoon to be exact, I am to have pap smear. This event has become more stressful as I age. I have many fears. What if my gastrointestinal issues decide to blossom while I am on the table? What if bit of that horrid white paper escapes all cleaning efforts? Really, I think if I were a doctor this would be among my least favourite types of patient visits. I never used to worry about these things, now I do, and wish I didn’t. But really, if I look at this resistance a little more closely, it is really about being tested, and the reality that I might fail the test, that makes me want to avoid the whole procedure. But I won’t avoid it. This afternoon will find me stripped down and in a gown, heels in the stirrups. Oh the inglorious road to maintaining good health! I wish there were little treats for adults at the doctor’s office, like the children’s lollipops, that would reward the visit! Next week is another body tune up week. I will wear a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours. I will have a mole removed and biopsied. I will have a … Continue reading