The Blue Bowl

This morning I am sitting in the light of the rising sun, listening to the High Mountains of Portugal audio book, and crocheting a warm blanket. I will breakfast later, when my stomach wrenches me out of this circle of warmth. I will briefly mention here, in this record of the events and small passages in my life, the property dispute that arose at the Rideau Camp during our vacation early in September. We had erected No Trespassing signs in the spring of this year, where someone had cut down trees on our property at the roadside. To our dismay, a person unknown to us made entry while we were there, doing additional damage to the property. The authorities were called, and we discovered that our neighbour claimed the property to be hers. The issue evolved over the month of September, culminating at last in an amicable meeting with the neighbour, who acknowledged our rightful claim, based on surveyor’s stakes, and apologized for the mistake. An understanding had been reached and the matter closed. I dealt with the entire matter myself, and found it to be extremely stressful. It certainly took the shine off the vacation! Maybe next year’s vacation … Continue reading


Surprises vary in their desirability. Some surprises are big and happy, some are big and sad. Some surprises are little and annoying, and other surprises are little and add warmth to existence. My day started with a surprise. Fast asleep, I suddenly awoke as I felt a trickle of blood begin to run down my cheek, a nosebleed. There was no indication yesterday or last night that my nose was experiencing distress, so that this nosebleed came as a complete surprise. I found it interesting that my sleeping mind recognized the physical experience and brought me to a waking state before the trickle hit the pillow. I made to the bathroom sink in time to contain the dripping in the sink, while Attila assisted me by bringing me a tissue paper. I checked my blood pressure, it was normal, so that wasn’t the problem. The only factor we could think of was the ceiling fan, which we have been running at night, dried out my nasal passage to the point that it cracked and resulted in the nose bleed. The season has begun, and the heat has not been turned on yet! When I looked at the thermostat early this … Continue reading

Biological Clock

2C That was the temperature at the Rideau Camp this morning. Here at Mist Cottage, where we wisely spent the night, the morning temperature is 3C. Inside the house the temperature was 18C when I arose at 6:25 a.m. The heat has not yet been turned on this autumn. This little house retained much of its heat through a cold night, despite the thin sheet of plywood, that is the wall below the new windows in the dining area. With any luck we can avoid turning the heat on for another few weeks! Frost! We will see how much of the garden has succumbed! Another sunny day has dawned. I sit in the living room, in my comfortable chair, watching the light quicken. On my lap is the computer, on which I enter these characters on the page. To my side is my crocheted blanket project, ready to be taken up at any time, as the mood strikes. As well, there sits my new book, Kristan Lavransdatter, by Sigrid Undset, waiting to keep me company. I have books in progress here at my easy chair, beside the throne in the bathroom, and at Grace The Trailer. Everywhere I go I … Continue reading

At It Again

Attila and I had planned to spend our weekend at the Rideau Camp. But this morning dawned grey and wet and cold. So, we decided that we would spend this weekend installing the new windows in the dining area of the kitchen. This is preparation for our big project next spring/summer/fall, which is to replace the roof on the garage, which is just under the windows we are replacing. The new windows are shorter, much, much shorter, and will be high. The garage roof is under these windows, so it will allow Attila to raise the side of the roof beside the house by several feet, allowing adequate slope for runoff. With the window segment of the garage-roof-replacement-project done, we will be ready to roll when spring comes around again. I will miss the light, which will be much diminished. But there is no view to be missed. The windows look out over the garage roof and into the windows of the neighbours bedroom, and above to their roof. The advantage in the new smaller windows is that they are energy efficient, which will make the house easier to heat and cool. They offer a smaller glass surface to the … Continue reading

Sittin’ On The Back Porch

I am sitting on the back porch to write this entry, at least the beginning of it. It is 10:41 a.m., and the heat is beginning to close in. I’ve washed and just hung to dry a load of laundry, which has been sitting messily on the floor for over a week. It was time to deal with it. A quickening breeze is making the air more comfortable, but soon, I can tell, the heat and humidity will increase beyond my ability to physically compensate for it, and I will be driven indoors, where the heat pump keeps the temperature at 23C, and below 55% humidity. But for now, for the first time since Sunday, it is now Wednesday, I am out of doors. Our back porch is lovely in the morning. In the afternoon the sun shines into the porch and it becomes uncomfortably hot, in the summer it becomes unbearably hot. In my dreams we renovate the porch to extend the roof so that much of the porch will remain shaded in the afternoons, making it a viable space in which to spend time all day long. Even thought the heat wave carries on, the leaves are turning … Continue reading