Lifting Weights

Life is full of surprises! Sometimes unwelcome, sometimes very welcome indeed. The universe has been lifting weights, including one from my shoulders. Since my request to relocate at work, the opportunity to work seems to be coming my way. I have the equivalent of fifteen days of work scheduled over the next two months. I am in shock and awe. Sometimes things just fall into place and this seems to be one of those times. This turn of events was not anticipated. In addition, one of the interviews I recently attended, for a temporary position, looks like it may materialize into about six months work. The hours for this position are flexible, meaning I can juggle the job I already have with the temporary position. That would make for a very busy schedule for the duration of the six month contract, but who’s complaining! The temperature will fall to -24C tonight. Attila will have an extra fire in the little wood stove downstairs tonight, to keep the basement temperature above freezing. Today is quite windy, which always makes it more challenging to keep the house warm. Although the house is well insulated, it is an older cottage and there is … Continue reading

Travel by Starlight

My life path has not been straight or circumscribed; often I traverse my path by starlight. Would I have met all the interesting and wonderful people that I have, were my path an easier, straighter, more affluent one?  I think not. This winding path I follow, the starlight that illuminates it, offers sights and sounds and insights that fade in the big brotherish glare of our cultural sunshine. One of my female relatives gave the gift of a book that influenced my way of looking at life, it was called Nurses Who Led The Way. Source Image: Here is a woman I’d never heard of, and wish I had, particularly when I was young and needed diverse role models. Stephanie Kwolek’s research with high performance chemical compounds for the DuPont Company led to the development of a synthetic material called Kevlar which is five times stronger than the same weight of steel. Kevlar, patented by Kwolek in 1966, does not rust nor corrode and is extremely lightweight. Many police officers owe their lives to Stephanie Kwolek, for Kevlar is the material used in bullet proof vests. Other applications of the compound include underwater cables, brake linings, space vehicles, boats, … Continue reading

The Fit

Yesterday was eventful.  My official request for relocation has been submitted to my supervisor.  I have asked to be relocated to an office where I have worked occasionally and enjoyed every minute spent on the premises.  This may be employment suicide, I’m not sure.  I feel anxious about change.  The hours are fewer, the drive is longer, the work is the same.  There is no more hope at the new location of regular hours than there is at the old location.  The attraction of the new location is the the fit; it is a better fit for me.  I felt there was nothing for it but to dive into the change and hope for the best.  The whole process may take months and months. Where did the morning go! Attila has come and gone at lunch and my perception is that the day has barely started. Lets see, shower, dishes, call to lawyer, lengthy job application that included an hour and a half online test, email, call to bank… It all makes sense now. My birthday is in January. There is a downside to this. Our biggest whopping bills come in December and January, no frivolities. My birthday comes at … Continue reading

Snow is very amusing.

<whinge session> The weather report is still forecasting very cold overnight temperatures for the weekend. $%^*#$I&*  It looks like grocery shopping in the nearest town may be the only recreational activity we manage for the month of January!  I think that a trip to the little house in the city is mandatory during February, we will need to MAKE it happen despite weather conditions. I think living in the country would be quite pleasant if one had affordable access to transportation, central heating and adequate time and funds to travel the distances required to make desirable social contact when the weather allowed.  Just a theory. Harriet and I were talking about how difficult it must have been for rural ancestors who heated with wood stoves.  Then I realized that in those days most rural dwellings did not have indoor plumbing.  If the temperature inside the house dipped below freezing there were no pipes to freeze.  One could leave the building for extended periods of time with impunity; attending local church and social functions was viable and common. The idea of eliminating indoor plumbing to facilitate winter travel is not appealing. Glad to get that off my chest. </whinge session> Today’s … Continue reading

Tens of thousands of people…

I woke up stiff this morning.  It does not happen all that often, but this morning I could barely make it into and out of the easy chair in front of the fire.  Nothing for it but to stand up and do some stretching exercises and take some painkillers before breakfast!  A half hour later things felt much better; ready for a morning of hard physical labour. The ball-bearings in my pull out keyboard tray are not just falling out, they are flying out and ricocheting off me, the lamp and the filing cabinet.  At first Attila and I thought they were being fired by the ceiling fan, which would have been very bad news indeed because it would have to be replaced.  However, the pull out try for the keyboard is not something we would bother to replace.  In fact, the desk here is far too large and cumbersome for the space we live in and if it had to be replaced neither Attila or I would grieve the loss.  I anticipate that the keyboard tray will function indefinitely without it’s ball-bearings. The weather report for the week indicates that there is another cold snap coming next weekend.  That would … Continue reading