Better Days to Come

As the week progresses, the pressure felt by my negative coworker to mount final attacks increases. This last week has been one of missing items. Where an item needed to perform customer service was nowhere to be found, while I was dealing with the customer, the customer became distressed. I searched for that item a total of four times, over a period of days, once during my break, and the item was not there. Then, after my negative coworker had been on duty by herself following the incident, the item was suddenly there and my negative coworker “rescued” the customer from my seeming ineptitude in having been unable to locate the item sitting “right in front of me”. Very tiring game that. The second item was part of an inventory I was asked to check. The item wasn’t there and then, again, after my negative coworker had been on duty by herself following the incident, the item was suddenly there. Of course either incident might have been my own error; I’m certain the first one wasn’t, the second one might have been. I am aware that when the supervisor is onsite this sort of thing simply stops happening. The supervisor’s … Continue reading

Happy Day

A sunny morning. It is beautiful outside my windows, the morning sun is warm and nourishing. I received news today that my relocation at work has been processed. This will be my last week working in the office with the negative coworker. I may accept an occasional work day at this office, but I won’t work an entire week in such an environment again; unless I’m starving and there are no other options at all. I have four more days to put in! March has been a very long month. My new boss called me to congratulate me and welcome me to her office. We are off to an excellent start, I can feel it. There isn’t much work at the new office, but all of it will be in a pleasant atmosphere. It is also an atmosphere where quality is appreciated, even expected; things are well run, organized and predictable where they need to be. Oh happy day! I have only 8 hours of work scheduled for the month of April. We will tighten our belts again. This comes at a wonderful time of year, with spring bursting onto the landscape. I need a bit of a rest; time … Continue reading

Robin Song

Another day crossed off the calendar! Five more days and I’ll not be crossing them out! It is lunch time. Attila just arrived home for lunch, and headed out to the bush for firewood. I can hear the chain saw out there. Soon the wood he is cutting will be burning bright in the fireplace to keep us warm, for our noon firing. It was -17C last night, so the house is a little chilly. By this evening though, it will be cozy again, what with the noon firing and the sun shining into the windows on the south side of the house. Money has my attention right now. I’ve a stack of bills on my desk, that I think I can pay before they come due. I’ve a list of essentials on my desk that we do not have the funds for, but can’t really avoid purchasing. Oil for heat, wood for heat and that sort of thing; they are whoppers. I can ignore all of them for another week or so, but then some action must be taken. I despise all this juggling; I guess anyone who has to do it dislikes it. We managed to visit the … Continue reading

Am I There Yet

It was cold last night, -19C, and tonight they say will be just as cold. Since the house is cooling down, we have gone back to sleeping under the eiderdown. We slept comfortably. The sky is clear, the light quickening, as Attila and I ready for our day of work. Tomorrow is our one day off work and it is to be sunny as well. The daytime temperatures rise to just below freezing each day, and with the sunshine this helps to keep the indoor temperature from plummeting too far down for comfort. By the end of next week we should experience higher temperatures. Attila has always worked weekends, ever since I met him. I vaguely remember what it was like to have two whole consecutive days of rest, it has been decades since I’ve had that experience. We did have time off when we were both unemployed and had no income and spent the best part of a winter hoping and waiting for our investment in employment insurance to kick in and supply us with a small income; while we scrambled daily with resumes and job searches. Those, however, were definitely not days of rest. It sounds to me … Continue reading

Driven Wicked!

Tomorrow is Saturday, and the first of two challenging work weeks is almost, but not quite, over. I work alone tomorrow, and the day has real potential for being a pleasant one. Fingers crossed. One more week! Cold again! The low temperature is predicted as -19C; already the house feels chilly. Two more really cold nights to come after tonight, and then it seems from the reports that the temperatures will rise and reach the average day and night time temperatures for the season. It is spring, but both Attila and I know that there is no such thing as spring in March where we live. April, ah yes, April, a delightful month. The flashing lights on the car have been dealt with. Yesterday afternoon was sunny, the roads clear and dry, so I drove to the city where the car dealership took very good care of the car, and of me. Apparently the car needed a “software update”, that is all that was wrong with it. I sure hope it doesn’t need many of these software updates, they require a visit to the dealership, and a half tank of gasoline to get there and back. An expensive proposition with … Continue reading