Zip A Dee Doo Dah!

“…My, oh my, what a wonderful day Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way…” I took this photo on July 12, 2011. Just sitting at my computer, looked up and saw that I had company. People don’t visit us often, but we seem to be very popular with the wildlife! We had a heat wave last week, with very high humidity, Thursday being the hottest day on record since these things have been recorded. Attila worked outside in the sun every day. Each day he returned home completely exhausted and a little less able to recover himself than he was the day before. By Friday night he was falling asleep mid-sentence before dinner time. We were going to visit our little house in the city on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but decided that due to heat exhaustion, we would linger at home and rest as much as we could. I work in an air-conditioned environment during the day, drive home in an air-conditioned vehicle and sleep in an air-conditioned bedroom. At times the heat wave made me miserably uncomfortable, but I did not experience exhaustion because my breaks from the heat were longer than my exposure. Our homes are not air-conditioned. We … Continue reading


Still here! Working, working, working… Attila and I are definitely getting closer to contentment. We have decided to drive into the village to go for a walk every evening. We can now do this because Attila has worked every waking hour since the firewood was delivered, to get it stacked and ready for next winter. He is so close to finishing the job so that he is winding down, taking time for himself, and for me, and walking every evening this week. We live in Muskoka, an area listed as one of National Geographic’s ten best summer trips in 2011. Of course, we are not on a summer trip, we live and work here, which is completely different than being on holiday. So it is a real treat to have the opportunity to go for a quiet evening walk. We have lived here seven years and are just now able to spare enough time to go for a walk together of an evening. Better late than never. This week one of our walks was out into the wild to assess the wild blueberry crop. Not much to write home about there, the berries are sparse. They should be ripe next … Continue reading

Best Canada Day Ever!

Yesterday was Canada Day. The sun shone, the breezes played gently on the surface of the water, the company was excellent. And what did I go and do? I ate a cookie; the cookie-that-I’ll-never-forget. Not a big deal but for the calories, on most occasions. But this occasion was special because I made a mistake. I didn’t read the label on the bag. I usually do read all the labels and what possessed me to lay aside habitual caution is beyond my understanding. But there it is, I ate the blasted cookie-that-I’ll-never-forget! It was a very, very good cookie. But that is not why I’ll never forget it. After I ate the cookie-that-I’ll-never-forget, I read the label on the bag. That is when I discovered that that delicious cookie-that-I’ll-never-forget might contain my allergen. Oops. With anaphylaxis no oops is a small oops. Any oops could be my last oops. Obviously I lucked out (a similar, less genteel phrase came to mind, same syllabic geography, different and yet still appropriate sentiment), this oops didn’t get me, but the next one might. After consuming the Canada Day cookie-that-I’ll-never-forget I grabbed a glass of water and headed for the nearest toilet, intending to … Continue reading


We’ve had our evening meal. Attila is out stacking firewood, accompanied by the melodious hum of the many mosquitoes who would love to adore/devour him. Attila’s mountain is shrinking. We visited our little house in the city last Saturday. It was my very bright idea that we would “relax” on this trip, it would be a little holiday, we wouldn’t take on any chores. Ha! Who was I kidding. Only me. Attila mowed the lawn, watered our little garden and staked the tomatoes. I ran errands, bought the weekly groceries and kept the kitchen clean. Keeping the kitchen clean when you cook everything from scratch is time consuming, lots of dishes and well used work spaces. We brought our hoe down with us, at my request, so that I could weed the garden with the hoe. While growing up on a farm, I was responsible for weeding acres of strawberries, with my hoe. I managed to weed our little garden in under a half hour, and did a fine job, even if I do say so myself. Our little garden is doing well so far, tomatoes and zucchini only. We will see how it goes for the rest of the … Continue reading

Attila’s Mountain

Attila is working every evening to get our firewood stacked and stored for this winter. He is making progress. It has been a hectic week. I discovered that I was tired of going to work in the morning! How did I discover this? Well, I was at the intersection where I turn right to go to work, and without thinking I put on my left turn signal. I had to prevent myself from driving the other way! Sometimes our inner voice takes matters into its own hands. I do like my job, it is just that I’d like a little break! I am working this Saturday at my part-time job and I think that is what I am reacting to, working six days rather than five. Five is enough, but I won’t give up the part-time job as it would be a real peach if it morphed into permanent hours. One foot in front of the other, the universe has it all in hand. It rained so hard today that the cars on the highway pulled over to the side of the road, as visibility was zero at speed. It was an odd sight, to see cars lining the highway. … Continue reading