Progress All Around

It is a lovely morning out there this morning. Sunshine. Birds singing. Dump trucks dumping gravel next door, ah the sounds of progress. Attila has been busy moving his mountain, he works till dark every night after dinner. This past week I’ve been busy updating web sites and tackling my own mountains, mountains of telephone calls and faxed documents. Sometimes, bureaucratically, everything seems to go haywire. A government agency lost a cheque I’d sent; they cashed it but didn’t record that process properly and were after me for another cheque. So, many telephone calls later they acknowledged the cheque they cashed and things have been set right. I knew it would work out, however, it was a very time consuming issue. This past week has seen other issues arise that were equally time consuming and even less important in the general scheme of things. Still, the issues had to be dealt with, which is what I’ve been doing every evening for the last week. Attila and I have also needed to consider an invitation to a hearing by the Township Committee of Adjustment to grant right-of-way over an existing private lane way (not ours but very close to our property). … Continue reading

Mountains to Move

Our firewood has arrived and I am now officially a firewood widow. Attila has mountains to move! Heating with wood is wonderful, there is nothing so comforting as a roaring fire on a cold white night. There is a lot of work that has to be done before that roaring fire becomes a reality. Other years Attila has felled and cut much of the firewood. But this is a hard go for a man who works six days a week, year in, year out. So we purchased firewood that was sectioned and split and had it delivered; it was delivered tonight. As you can see, despite the fact that a great deal of the work has already been done, there is a mountain of work left to do. All of this wood must be stacked and dried for the winter. All this wood must be stacked by Attila. Then when winter is upon us, Attila will carry that stacked wood into the house and up the stairs to the masonry heater, where he will build two fires a day, 50 pounds of wood per fire. Luckily for us Attila is one of those people that likes to keep physically active. … Continue reading

intolerable sense of disgrace

Kermit the Frog used to say “it isn’t easy being green”. Some environments are more tolerant of green folk than others, some paths more attuned to the land they traverse. There are times, in this life we lead in the bush, that I feel imprisoned by the tight social fabric around us; so much space, so much beauty, so much self interest, so much denial… For instance, the politics here are just too rich for me! We have this: “Senior Conservative officials broke federal rules to shower $50-million on the riding of the minister now overseeing Ottawa’s austerity plan, according to the final audit of a G8 program that fuelled opposition charges of pork-barrel politics…. Mr. Clement insisted that not a penny went missing and that the projects were all completed to the benefit of the Muskoka region, although he acknowledged the paperwork “could have been better.” G8 spending in Clement’s riding left ‘no paper trail’ DANIEL LEBLANC AND BILL CURRY. At the same time we have this: “Having a job does not necessarily mean that income earned will cover the cost of basic needs. When full-time minimum wage employment ($8.75 per hour) is a Muskoka family’s income source, 67 … Continue reading

Oodles of Rain

We have had oodles of rain. Everything is green, green green. The dragonflies are everywhere at our country house. Not only are they beautiful, they eat mosquitoes and black flies. I LOVE dragonflies; and bats, because bats eat mosquitoes too. Attila is working today, I am not. No complaint from me! We have plans for short trips this weekend, and a weekend is only one day long at our house. We hope to see Luna and Janus and the Grandbabies. We hope to see my Mom, and this is really important because I missed seeing her on her 80th birthday and on Mother’s Day. I had to work that day, and boy-oh-boy did I resent it. Of course there is the week’s laundry to do over the weekend, Attila and I each need to attend to our laundry. It is imperative that it be done over the weekend, to avoid the doubled price of electricity during the week. I am noticing a distinct shortage of breath coming up the stairs. This comes of working at a desk job for the last six weeks. Walking in the mosquito enhanced outdoors of an evening is just not going to happen. I try … Continue reading

Brief Visit

I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle, for life to coalesce into some kind of routine, or at the very least to make a little bit of sense. It isn’t happening. Not now. Probably not anytime soon. Working full time is very interesting. I like the people I work with. I like the work. I am still learning, and making lots of mistakes. I’m told that once I know what I’m doing I will be bored. I don’t think so. You see, it isn’t procedures and computer programs that I find particularly challenging, those are things you learn and eventually navigate mindlessly. What I find endlessly fascinating are people and how they interact with each other and the world around them. There is no shortage of people power where I work. I shan’t be bored. Last Saturday Attila and I headed down to our little house in the city. It rained again. Attila cut the lawn again. Attila raked up clods of wet grass cuttings again. I went shopping! I first went to Canadian Tire and used the gift card that Attila got for Christmas to purchase potting plants for the front planters. Our little house is old. In … Continue reading