“Discourtesy does not spring merely from one bad quality”

I am working tomorrow, a Saturday. I would like to sleep, but sleep will not come. It is after two in the morning. I haven’t shaken the toxic mentality that I’ve been dealing with all week. I am the only woman on staff, there are six men on staff. A small office. The men I work with confide in me, complain to me, and rely on me. That is when they are dealing with me one-on-one. But when they are a group ugly things begin the happen, things that put one in mind of the “Lord of the Flies”. It has been particularly bad this week, the boss is away on vacation and left no one in charge. Two of the boys have been trying it on, and getting through the week has been a miserable affair. There are circumstances that bring out the worst in people, and this week was one of them. I count my blessings that I find solace in working hard, and can take an interest in doing any job well. This weekend is a long weekend in Canada; Monday is Family Day. It is a statutory holiday, so Attila and I both have the day … Continue reading

Winter, really!

The days have been mild this week, turning cold at night. The result, ice, great fields of glittering ice. The roads are clear though, for the moment, so I am not complaining. It has been a busy week as we have been getting ready to submit our income tax returns. It is definitely one of my least favourite things to do, that and day-to-day bookkeeping. The last few nights have been cloudless and beautiful. The moon shone bright and true through the stark tree trunks late last night. As I stood in my nightgown, shivering, looking out from my lightless window into the luminous cold, it seemed to me that the Hunters in the Snow might appear at any moment, that time had folded over and joined me to the edge of the world. The full moon brought much tension, and some sad stories. A manager at our other branch was let go this week. The head honcho, who did the firing, visited our office and talked for hours with our manager, who looked like a wet dishrag when the fellow finally left. We are all still working there, as far as we know. And then, a wealthy friend of … Continue reading

Kinda Cranky

The sun came out for a few brief minutes this morning and kissed the treetops. Unfortunately it was kissing them goodbye, because it was soon chased away as grey clouds marched west from the eastern sky. January was so dreary, almost always cloudy and February is following suit. I have been cranky for the last week or so. What is my problem? It is my good fortune that my problem is gloriously inconsequential, magnificently temporal and ultimately resolvable. It is a luxury to be cranky about small matters. So, just what is this small matter that is making me feel cranky? It is a problem I created for myself. < boring description of computer woes > When I upgraded my operating system to LION, my PGPDesktop software ceased to function. I had years and years of encrypted data on volumes created by PGPDesktop, that were suddenly locked and without the software the key had been thrown away. As far as I could figure out I had two options. Update PGPDesktop to work on LION, or use an older operating system to install the old PGPDesktop, unencrypt my volumes and burn the raw data files onto DVD data disks. The company … Continue reading

Snow Squall Warning

It stormed yesterday afternoon and last night, we got some snow. It is snowing out there this morning, and the snow squall warnings are still in effect. We are staying at home today, cozy and warm in front of a roaring fire. The weather has turned mild, our cold snap is over for now. This has been a very rainy winter so far. The effects on us are many. On the positive side, Attila does not have to shovel rain. Another advantage is that we burn less wood to keep warm, again making Attila’s life easier. On the negative side, driving has been frightening, the road is often ice covered, snow packed, slippery and visibility can be poor. I drive a distance to get to work, on a winding road through rock cuts and swamps. The road is not “divided”, which means that when it is ice or snow covered the line dividing the lanes disappears. What that means is that drivers have difficulty discerning the lane they should be driving in. I find that fairly often, an oncoming vehicle thinks that driving down the middle of the highway is the solution to this issue, forcing me off the road … Continue reading

After the long underwear…

Things have settled a little at work, it is temporary of course, but best to appreciate my present good luck. Usually by this time of year I am beginning to show signs of cabin fever. Not this winter! This morning, by the masonry heater, the temperature was 15 C. Not bad really, since we are only firing the masonry heater twice a day and it is keeping 1800 square feet above freezing through temperatures dropping as low as -27 with wind. Not bad at all. Logically speaking, without bringing human comfort into the mix, this is wonderful. But here is the rub, human comfort does indeed come into the mix; not to mention feline comfort, which Mist will tell you is the highest priority on planet earth. When it is 15 C next to the heater, it isn’t anywhere near that further from the heater. That is the nature of thermal mass heat, move away from the heat source and the temperature drops. Despite it being a cool 15 C where it is warmest this morning, I’ve been comfortable. I rely on a miracle to do this. I use my own body heat! Like I invented that! So, what I … Continue reading